Carrie and Justin


How We Met

Everyone has their own story. Well here’s mine :) I was 19 (2013) and introduced to a country line dancing club. It was so fun! I’ll never forget the night I first laid my eyes on Justin. He’s obviously been there a time or two, dancing as he was the only one on the floor.

He instantly caught my eye. I was too nervous to talk to him, but every Wednesday night I secretly hoped he’d show up. I blushed and smiled watching him dance every time. All my friends knew I had this (not so) secret crush on him. Eventually Justin and I started talking in person.

I was amazed he knew I existed. We didn’t date right away because we were both in different places in our lives and werent serious about relationships. We kept in touch though. Fast forward to September 2014 we finally decided to take each other serious & “officially” be dating.

Wow, it was such a great feeling. DATING my crush I’ve had for years!? Didn’t seem real to me! December 31, 2015 we signed papers for our own house! It is a beautiful house. Of course living with someone was different, but not for us. We got along like we’d lived with each other for years. We both knew we’d like to get married and have our own family someday.

how they asked


I always teased him that the decision was up to him. July 11, 2016 was the day it happened. My sister and her boyfriend were in town from Michigan. His family and mine decided to have a cookout at the lake.

Little did I know it was all ready set up! Sure we can walk my sister and her boyfriend around the lake to show them around! We were walking back to the table when Justin started breathing really hard. I asked him what was wrong but no response.

Then I saw it ahead, CARRIE WILL YOU MARRY ME? All of our closet friends were holding this huge white sign.


I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! Justin gave his (short) nervous speech and dropped down to one knee and popped the question.


You could tell he was so nervous it was so cute. He was speechless himself. No one had a dry eye. OF COURSE I said yes!


Now we are getting married October 21, 2017!


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