Carrie and Chris

how we met

We met through some friends, we were attracted to each other but neither of us were ready to be in a serious relationship. We also were living in 2 different places. About 6 months later we saw each other again through the same friends. This time the timing was perfect. We spent the day talking and continued talking on the phone the rest of the week. He came to Houston the next weekend so we could have a real date and figure out if it was worth the friend drama to try dating. We had the best weekend ever! We went to an Astros game, ate in midtown, and spent a day floating in the Texas shaped lazy river. By the end of the weekend, it was a no brainer we were worth the drama.

how they asked

Chris and I tell each other everything, so when Chris bought the ring it was hard to keep it a secret, he spilled the beans after only 3 days. Even though I knew it was coming Chris wanted to make sure the proposal was a surprise. One day Chris asked me to take the dogs for a walk and check the mail him. When we checked the mail I had a package of makeup I had ordered. We walked back to the house and I opened my makeup box. Only, when I opened the package it wasn’t makeup, it was a box of rose petals and my ring box. Chris went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course. Chris had actually carefully taken apart my makeup box, put the rose petals and ring box in, and glued it back together so I wouldn’t know anything.

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