Carra and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met in college through mutual friends. I was actually dating someone else when we met and first became friends. He became one of my best friends and after things fell apart with me at the time boyfriend, I admitted to having feelings for Michael. Thankfully he felt the same and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

Michael planned a weekend trip to NYC back in May 2017. I had never been before and he was so excited to show me around. When we were leaving at the airport in Atlanta, Michael was wearing his warm coat and would not remove it going through the airport. I remember looking over at him before going through security and seeing sweat coming from his forehead from the heat. I told him to take his coat off and all he said was, “No! I feel fine!” Thinking back now, it’s hilarious because the ring was in his coat pocket and he didn’t want to remove it! We took a beautiful stroll through Central Park once arriving in New York.

Carra and Michael's Engagement in Central Park - New York City

Michael was so excited to show me the Gapstow Bridge. As he led me up the rock, I saw a trail of notes I’d left him in his lunch boxes over the years we’d dated. He’d saved everyone for this moment. He led me through the notes and proposed on top of the rock. Across the pond, my family and his family hid, watching our proposal. I had no idea he had flown my mom and sister up too. It was an incredible and beautiful day!

Special Thanks

Amy Fitzgerald