Carolyna and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Amalfi Coast, Italy

how they asked

Italy has been a place we both have been dying to go, and after 5 years together we decided it was time! So we booked our tickets and went with some friends!

On the day of the proposal, he told me our friends wanted to spend some time alone, then they will meet us for dinner at this fancy restaurant. So, of course, I got dressed up, I didn’t really think any of it. Michael then said, let’s go have some wine while we wait! We walked downstairs, our hotel had the most beautiful view overlooking the Amalfi coast, so we sat down, then the waiter brought us some wine. Michael took the bottle and he wanted me to translate what the bottle said, then there was a scratch off section on the bottle, I loveeee scratch offs! I started scratching it off and the words that were showing were “Will … Marry” my hands started shaking, then I see Michael get on his knees, my heart was racing, tears started to fall down my face, Michael was so nervous he was dripping or he might have shed a tear or two also lol!

He opened the box and it was the most beautiful and unique ring. We hugged for a long time and he said to me “you know you’re my best friend, and I want to grow old with you, to forever, I love you” it was the best day of our lives, 5 years together, at our dream vacation, Amalfi Coast, Italy!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Amalfi Coast, Italy