Carolyna and Alex

How We Met

The world is small, and constantly getting smaller. Alex and I attended the same school all of middle and high school. We shared the same classroom a time or two, passed each other through the halls countless times, yet we never acknowledged one another. Fast forward about 5 years and I suddenly found myself in what I like to call a “millennial blind date”. A mutual friend had introduced the thought of us dating, and before I knew it, Alex was adding me on all social media platforms, and made his “formal” introduction via Snapchat! We went on our first date a few days after that, and have been inseparable since.

how they asked

We’ve talked about marriage plenty of times in passing, but never would I have thought in a million years he would propose after just two years of dating. Much less on one of the most beautiful beaches in Jurere, Brazil, a trip we had been anticipating for so long to witness his cousin getting married. It was the day after the big wedding in Brazil and we all (some of his family was present!) decided to take a walk down the beach before heading to dinner. As we were snapping photos of the beautiful sunset, he requested we take one of just us two together. All cameras were pointed at us, when all of a sudden he dropped down on one knee. If it wasn’t for the documentation, thanks to his family, I wouldn’t have remembered what he said. All I know is that it was absolutely perfect. I have never fully understood the power such a small moment in time can have until that day. It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life, and I can’t wait to be his wife.

Carolyna and Alex's Engagement in Jurere, Brazil

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