Carolyn and Stephen

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Stephen and I are simply best friends in every way. We met working at a restaurant almost four years ago while we both were just trying to find our places in the world. We ended up finding just that, we found each other. Steve and I recently took a huge leap of faith this past July by moving to Hawaii from Boston on 7 weeks notice due to a job opportunity he was offered. Living in paradise with the love of your life is amazing, but both of us being huge family people it has been tough as well. Steve’s family was kind enough to fly us home for the holidays which we were both SO excited for. My brother who is a Marine just finished his deployment and would be home for the holidays as well. On NYE, we were gathered with my family to celebrate the New Year and say our goodbyes since we were heading back to HI the next day. We were all chatting, laughing and catching up when I turned around to see Steve on one knee…. he was holding the ring my father proposed to my mother with over 40 years ago when he returned home from the Air Force ❤

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