Carolyn and Sam

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How We Met

We met in class in college. I had the biggest crush on Sam but the semester was coming to an end … so I kinda stalked him! I asked what classes he had next semester and said “wow! Me too. What a coincidence!” I later signed up for all the same classes so we had a lot of time together.

how they asked

My plan worked because 5 years later, he proposed! He knows I stalked him now ;)

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Funny story, a few days before he proposed. I fell rollerblading and couldn’t move my wrist. I texted him that I fell and he called me frantically asking if it’s my left or right wrist. I said left and since it’s not my dominant hand, I figured who cares right? He cared and I could tell he was flustered but I wasn’t sure why! I know why now :)

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