Carolyn and Clayton

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How We Met

Clayton and I were freshmen in High School when we met at our church summer camp. We got to know each other over campfire breakfasts and games of Capture the Flag. Every summer until college we saw each other at camp and a friendship formed.

Carolyn's Proposal in Hartman Center, Milroy, PA

During our freshman year of college, we were both on staff at the summer camp we had grown up at. By the end of that summer, it was clear we couldn’t stay away from each other. For the next four years, we had a long distance relationship while I finished school in Vermont and he finished school in Pennsylvania. But every summer we’d return to our summer camp- even for just a day- to relive all those sweet memories of our relationship.

how they asked

Clayton and I were planning to return to camp for a work weekend in early May to get things ready for the summer. Usually, when we arrive at camp, we take a walk around to check things out, so I didn’t think it was odd for him to suggest a lap around the property. As we walked towards our favorite spot at camp lined with Pine trees, I saw my best friend crouching behind some greenery with a camera in hand. I turned to look at Clayton and he was already on one knee with the most gorgeous raw diamond ring.