Carolyn and Benjamin

How We Met

Benjamin worked in the same office as my sister. She had been telling me about him for a couple of months before we finally had a plan for me to meet him. I lived in a different city, but I was visiting my sister for one week and went to visit her at work over lunch. She had invited a few of her co-workers to join us for lunch, including Ben – and they happened to leave a seat open next to him at the table for me. I ended up staying past lunchtime and they gave me a tour of the building, and I was able to have a good, flirty conversation with Benjamin. That evening, we found each other on Facebook and continued our conversation.

The next day, the same group of my sister’s coworkers arranged a Happy Hour after work where I could join them. We had a great time, and Ben and I stayed longer than anyone and continued to learn about each other. By the end of the night, he had asked me on a date for the next day.
We continued this pattern of talking every day, even after I went back home – and it wasn’t long before we made our relationship official.

How They Asked

Benjamin had been telling me that he wanted to hike at a local trail he had been to years ago, so we picked a day and made it happen. The day was March 23, 2019 – and I didn’t know it, but Ben had much more planned than a hike. We walked along a winding, steep, and beautiful trail and finally through a narrow pass that led up to a hidden forest glade. I looked around and noticed a pair of folding chairs set out in the glade facing each other.

Carolyn's Proposal in Kansas City, Missouri

Assuming the chairs belonged to someone else, I turned the other way to continue along the trail. Benjamin was quick to corral me back to the chairs, saying that we should take a closer look. We made our way over and abruptly stopped once I noticed the binder on one of the chairs, and realized that I recognized it, and knew what it contained – it was our story.

Proposal Ideas Kansas City, Missouri

Since we first met, Benjamin had been documenting some of the notable moments in our relationship to create a storybook, which he would surprise me with and read to me on the most special occasions. He had used the “Prologue” to ask me to be his girlfriend, Chapter 1 to celebrate our one-year anniversary, and I realized that I was about to hear the next Chapter.

Right away, I knew that this would be the proposal, but I was blown away by what “Chapter 2” contained. Benjamin had handwritten and delivered letters to some of the most important people in our lives, explaining why he wanted to marry me, and asking for their blessing of our marriage. The pages of Chapter 2 contained each of Ben’s letters, and also the responses from my mom, my dad, my sister, and Ben’s parents.

It was incredibly touching to hear the thoughtful and loving words from Ben and our families, as we sat on those folding chairs in the middle of the woods.

Just like each chapter before, the words went on to mimic life, as it described how Benjamin rose from his seat, pulling me with him. It described how he pulled a small box from his pocket, descended to one knee and said, “Carolyn Arlene Robinson, will you marry me?”
To which I replied, “Yes, of course!”

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