Carolyn and Andrew

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How We Met

We had been playing on the same flag football team for three years. Three whole years. And our verbal exchanges were limited to the occasional high five and “nice catch!” Then, one day last fall, Andrew Struck up conversation asking me about the condo I lived in. He said he was going to start looking. I told him I loved house hunting and asked him to bring me with him. The rest is history because we have been together ever since!

how they asked

On Saturday night, Andrew told me we were going out for a drink. He was adamant about leaving our house at 5:30. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what was going on. All I could tell was that we were heading towards downtown Buffalo. Then we pulled up to the place we had our first date. My heart melted. We sat outside on the unseasonably warm night. I ordered a glass of wine, he has a glass of whiskey. I have never seen finish a drink so quickly!!! He said he wanted to go grab a drink somewhere else. He didn’t know where, didn’t have any ideas, but said we should walk.

Before I knew it, standing outside the resultant, he got down on one knee and mentioned spending the rest of our lives together. I don’t remember what he said next. (I must have been in awe of the ring!) but then he said “please say yes..” apparently he asked me to marry him! I said of course. It was the most special moment. And turns out, he had a photographer there to capture the whole thing!

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Special Thanks

Samantha DeMartin
 | Photographer