Caroline and Michael

Image 1 of Caroline and Michael

How We Met

It all started with a simple message about a basketball game. Michael and Caroline, both relative newcomers to Connecticut were both using a dating website, when Caroline’s love for University of Michigan sports caught Michael’s eye. It just so happened that Michael’s team, the University of Wisconsin Badgers were playing the Wolverines that night! Who knows where they would be if Michigan hadn’t won that game, but Michigan prevailed and they had their first date a few weeks later! After the two had been dating for a few weeks, Caroline was signed up for her first 5 mile road race. Caroline asked Michael if he wanted to come cheer her on, and he ended up signing up and running it with her! “He’s a keeper” was the general consensus from Caroline’s family and friends. The next hurdle the two faced was introducing their dogs for the first time! This happened on Easter weekend 2014. Once again, who knows what would have happened if the two dogs didn’t get along, but they did. And are now inseparable! And so are they’re parents!

how they asked

Caroline and Michael had been dating for two years when Michael surprised Caroline with a Christmas present trip to San Francisco the following spring! Little did Caroline know, there was an ulterior motive to this trip. Before leaving, Michael had a lot of work to do. When Caroline’s aunt, brother, and sister-in-law were visiting over Valentine’s Day weekend, Michael snuck over to Caroline’s mom’s house to ask the important question. With the group assembled, Michael asked permission to ask Caroline to marry him! Next came the ring. Caroline’s family knew that she had always admired her Grandmother’s ring, which was passed on to Caroline’s aunt. The only problem was that the ring was located somewhere in her house… in Idaho! Aunt Susan had to find a friend who was willing to dig through the Idaho snow, find the ring, and ship it across the country! All of this was going on without Caroline having an inkling of an idea! It was finally time for the trip! Caroline and Michael arrived in San Francisco and spent the first two days site-seeing with Michael’s sister and her fiance. On the second day, the pair headed out to Muir Woods National Park to see the redwoods, and go on a 4 mile hike! They returned to the city in the mid afternoon and had plans for dinner at a restaurant near Land’s End National Park. Caroline and Michael walked the park before heading to dinner. The two stopped at a lookout overlooking Sutro Baths and the Pacific ocean. They took a few pictures and some selfies, and then Caroline turned to leave. When she turned around to see where Michael was, he was on his knee! Neither remember what exactly was said, but Caroline cried and immediately took the ring! I guess that means yes!

Image 2 of Caroline and Michael