Caroline and Zachary

Caroline's Proposal in Our Favorite Chapel in Columbia Missouri

How We Met

He was the senior basketball stud at the college we both attended (Columbia College) and I was a freshman who played on the volleyball team. (I still do but he graduated) I was new to the school so I was trying to make as many friends as possible so I wouldn’t be left out. I knew to make friends I had to be around everyone and the one event that everyone seemed to attend was the basketball games. He scored a lot of points and was one of the bigger guys on the court, so he stood out to me. I gazed at him every home game for an entire semester. Columbia College puts on a sports banquet at the end of each year. And like I said earlier, he was a stud. So he received every award that was available. Naturally, that drew me to him even more than his amazing looks and ability to play basketball. I never thought he would be interested because of the age gap but I gave it a shot anyways. After the banquet I walked right up to him and started a conversation. That conversation lead to him asking where I lived on campus because he never saw me around. My jaw dropped. I WAS HIS NEIGHBOR WHOSE DOOR WAS 4 STEPS FROM HIS! I thought he knew I lived there but then again I was a freshman who didn’t have any friends yet. That conversation never ended and now I am engaged to the best thing that has ever happened to me.

how they asked

Zachary had been saying for a few days how he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. My birthday is December 2nd and we hadn’t gotten a chance to celebrate together because our lives are crazy busy. On December 8th, which was a Friday, he took me to one of the nicest restaurants in Columbia called Broil. He bought us a bottle of wine to celebrate my 21st and we had an amazing meal! After that we went to Missouri’s most famous custard place, Andy’s. It’s so yummy! After we were finished with our ice cream he mentioned that he needed to swing by Tolton (the high school where he works) because he needed to drop off some keys for a basketball team who was practicing in there the next morning. I went along with it and away we went. We arrived at Tolton around 10:00pm and there were only 2 cars in the parking lot. One of them was our beloved Father Mikes car and the other one I did not recognize. I asked Zachary why Father Mike was at the school so late and he kind of blew me off. We pulled up to the front of the school and he asked me if I would come in with him. I love that school so I hoped out of the car without hesitation. The only light that was on in the entire school was the chapels lights (and father mikes office because he was there and knew the proposal was happening .) The chapel is a place where Zachary spends a lot of his time when he is at Tolton, it is near and dear to his heart. It has the most amazing view behind the altar. I love it. He grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go in there for a second.” We walked through the doors and I hear the clicks of a camera taking a picture. Next thing you know we are walking towards the altar, my legs are shaking and I already could not breathe. He reached under one of the chairs to grab my ring and got down on one knee.

He shared with me how we are always to keep Jesus as our number one, and how we will keep each other as our number two. I bawled like a baby and then he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, but only after 3 minutes of me trying to catch my breath. Father Mike was there because Zachary had him bless the ring before he proposed to me. I am one happy girl!

Proposal Ideas Our Favorite Chapel in Columbia Missouri

Special Thanks

Lonnie Topia
 | Photographer