Caroline and Wyatt

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How We Met

Wyatt and I met our first day of kindergarten. Yep, we are kindergarten sweethearts! We went to a small, private school where the class size was no more than fifteen people each year. Through elementary school, Wyatt and I were in the same class but never paid much attention to each other. In first grade, we were chosen to be our class representatives on homecoming court. I remember trying to stay as far away from Wyatt as possible because, at the time, boys had cooties. In fifth grade, I transferred to a different private school where we spent our middle school years apart.

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This was a blessing in disguise as I went through my ugly braces phase and was too awkward to talk to boys. In eighth grade, Wyatt reached out over Facebook messenger to tell me he was transferred to the same private school as me. Yay! Wyatt coming to my school meant a familiar face to transition into high school with. But high school changed us. Starting in ninth grade, we were inseparable. Our chatting over Facebook turned into a daily occurrence as we constantly texted about our day and what was happening at school.

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We always sat together as lunch, and I never missed one of his sports games. Sophomore year, we attended prom together as just friends, but there was a spark between us. Neither one of us wanted to ruin the friendship between us. As feelings escalated as we entered into junior year, Wyatt finally admitted those feelings in the summer of 2015. In October, we went on our first date to a local restaurant and spent hours in the local Starbucks talking. By December, Wyatt officially asked me to be his girlfriend in his shiny red care outside my house. The rest is history.

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How They Asked

After graduating high school, Wyatt and I decided to date long distance as I was going to college in Virginia, and he was going to school in Arizona. Because of the distance between us, I spent every spring break out in Arizona with him. For our junior year spring break, we decided to take a road trip through Arizona and into Utah with friends. To prep for our road trip, Wyatt, my soon-to-be maid of honor, and I met to plan what stops we would be taking.

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Little did I know, I was planning my own engagement! We decided to visit Sedona, Arizona a place we had visited every spring break because we love it so much. Fast forward to March 2020, I was annoyed because I wore a cute outfit that day and we took a detour to a popular hiking spot, Cathedral Rock, and I was wearing a cute outfit that was getting dirty. Why had Wyatt encouraged me to wear this if we were going to go hiking? Wyatt’s soon-to-be best man, Tommy, is a film major and asked Wyatt and me to stand in the frame of his camera so he could focus it for a film class.

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Suddenly, Wyatt was telling me how he had always planned to propose to me in Sedona, and Tommy was not trying to film for a class, but he was documenting one of the most special days of our lives together. The rest he said is a blur as he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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That was the easiest yes I have ever said. He slipped the finger on my ring and told me his mother gifted the center stone to us from her original engagement ring. The day was so special as he proposed using his mother’s diamond surrounded by our closest friends. We are so excited to create a legacy together and tie the knot in 2022!

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