Caroline and Shea

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How We Met

Three years ago, I was starting my first job in Atlanta and quickly became best friends with my coworker, Golbahar. One day she told me she had the PERFECT guy to set me up with who happened to be her best friend from high school! The only problem was… he lived in New York City. Months later, she brought him up again, and while I still found it to be incredibly unrealistic I decided to follow him on Instagram. In true 2015 fashion, Instagram led to Facebook, which led to Snapchat, which eventually led to REAL LIFE (texting).

Meanwhile, in New York City, the rat race had begun to wear on Shea and he was looking for the next city to call home. He decided to visit Golbahar and her new fiance, Patrick, in Atlanta. What started as a simple game night and wine with friends quickly blossomed into an unforgettable weekend filled with brunches, breweries and bocce ball. Shea and I were inseparable.

The reality of that Monday was as difficult as it gets when we each resumed our lives 800 miles apart. What happened next we like to chalk up to a mutual miscommunication, but we each moved on with our lives. Four months later, however, I learned that Shea had successfully secured a job and moved to Atlanta! After quickly forgiving Golbahar for not telling me sooner, I told her to invite Shea to my birthday dinner – she already had.

While the dinner table was filled with my favorite people, there was no doubt that sparks were still there. True to form, Shea asked me out immediately after dinner and the rest, they say, is history.

how they asked

Shea had been out of town a lot for work recently and suggested that we get away for a weekend once things settled down. We decided Charleston made the most sense based on its location and charm. Once the weekend arrived, we hit the road early Saturday so as to maximize our time in Charleston. After hours of dancing, laughing, and singing in the car we arrived at Middleton Place Plantation – a venue which Shea’s brother had suggested we stop at on our way into town. Shea let me lead the way through the sprawling acres of gardens and scenery.

We roamed the grounds for about an hour before stopping at a large oak tree overlooking the Butterfly Lakes. Just when Shea was attempting to capture the scenic view via selfie, a nice tourist offered to take the photo for us. After taking a few pictures with Shea’s phone, the tourist offered to take one with her camera and email it to us, as she had a professional camera. Great! Just like any photographer, she positioned us just right under the tree. She then suggested we remove our sunglasses, admission stickers and switch sides. A little over-invested for a passerby-er, but ok! “That’s perfect,” she said. “One more thing,” Shea added, as he pulled away from me. From his pocket, he revealed a box as he dropped to one knee.

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Unbeknownst to me, Shea had booked this trip month in advance. He had crafted the perfect itinerary so as not to arise my suspicion. He had ridden 5 hours in a car with a ring box strapped to his leg under multiple socks. He had followed me through the gardens all day, careful to avoid a particular turn which would lead us to a particular tree. He had hired sweet Mackenzie to wait by that tree. And he couldn’t have planned it any better. I said, “of course!”

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Special Thanks

Mackenzie Clark
 | Photographer
Liss Wright
 | Planning