Caroline and Richard

How We Met

Caroline and I meet through mutual friends. I happened to be at a bar with friends and her girlfriend knew one of my friends in the group. We started talking and everything just Clicked.

How They Asked

The actual proposal occurred at the beach near our apartment in mission beach by lifeguard tower #11. It’s where we go to watch the sunset. Caroline loves to watch the sunset. Even when I’m at work she will take Porter our Pug and go to Beach to watch sunset. The planning started in August I met with her sister to start ring shopping and planning. I knew that I wanted to propose at sunset with Porter there. I wanted to make it a whole weekend about us. I picked December 7th as the day. This day is very special to me it’s the my parents wedding anniversary . Since they have both past I felt it was a way to have them be apart of our day. The planning process was a little difficult since Caroline is not the type of person who is easy to surprise. Lucky for me her sister helped out a great deal. She contacted friends and coordinated our engagement party. I could tell Caroline was a bit suspicious but thanks to her sister and girlfriends we managed to keep the proposal a surprise. On the day of the proposal the weather wasn’t on my side at first. It turned out to be rainy for most of the day. I cleared up some in the early afternoon. Enough to get her to go out an see if there was a sunset. I was a little nervous and very excited. I had practiced what I wanted to say with one of my friends most of the week. So I was prepared but thank goodness the weather was crappy that day because there were only a were only a few people out on the beach. Which thinking about it now was great. However that also meant no sunset. A little disappointed we hung out by the water and let Porter play I was looking for my opening and as I was starting Caroline starts walking back so I follow and just went for it and something I said through her off for a second because I had mentioned her mother but then I got on one knee and pulled out the box with the ring in it she was crying a little bit and shocked but then she realized I was asking her to marry me. She was frozen for a second then she open the box and put on the ring ! I didn’t get a chance to put it on her she was in. During this Porter was running around us. He was a puppy and was wanting to play and managed to tangle us up a bit with his leash. I managed to surprise Caroline and i am so excited to see where life will take us next.



Special Thanks

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