Caroline and Parker

How We Met

Parker and I grew up together in church and we’re always friends but never anything more. Throughout middle school and the beginning of high school we had mutual friends but never hung out or talked other than a simple “Hey!” My 11th grade year and his 10th grade year of high school we ended up in the same English class. (He is super smart so he was in the class above his grade.) He was given the choice to either sit behind me or on the opposite side of the classroom and for some reason he chose to sit behind me. After a few weeks we started flirting and talking a lot in class which meant we got in trouble. Our teacher then moved him to two desks behind me but that still didn’t stop us. He asked one of our mutual friends for my phone number and it all began from there. One Sunday in September I was signing in our church and he begged me to come out to his out afterwards. Little did I know that it was more than just coming to hang out. A little background info… I was in band so I wasn’t able to attend homecoming dances because of a time constraint. Back to the story… that night after watching the falcons football with him and his entire family it was time for me to go and he walked me to my car which happened to be parked under a beautiful tree. It was then that he asked, “since I can’t ask you to homecoming I decided I’d rather ask you to be my girlfriend.” And of course I said yes and we had our first kiss. From that moment on, for the last four years we have been as happy as could be and have grown together in so many wonderful ways!

how they asked

Our four year anniversary was on September 29th. We are both in school and not working much so we decided not to do anything big for our anniversary so we spent the day fishing at the coast. After a long day of not catching anything but enjoying each other I caught a huge gator trout. I was so excited and proud that I caught a fish and he didn’t. It was a perfect day to me being able to spend quality time with him enjoying what we both love with out having to spend a ton of money. About 2 weeks later Parker told me that I needed to ask if I could leave school early on November 3rd but wouldn’t tell me why.

I figured he would only ask if it was something important so I did. All he told me was that he wanted to celebrate our anniversary with something nice. I was confused because we already had in my eyes but I didn’t argue. I asked for a hint because I’m not good with surprises. All he told me was “Catalina.” All I could come up with was salad dressing and I knew that wasn’t it so I was completely clueless. Leading up to this day I had no clue what to wear, what we were doing, or where we were going. The only thing he told me was that it might be cold where we’re going.

When I got to his house he informed me that we were going on a boat and I might need to take some medication so I don’t get sick and that was all I knew. At the point I was completely confused. We drove for two hours and arrived at the Alligator Point Marina where he told me we would be taking a sunset sailboat ride. Neither of us had ever been on a sailboat before so it was going to be really cool! As we got onto the boat, the captain introduced himself and kept explaining that it was going to be such a special night because as soon as the sun set the moon would rise right after on the other side of us. As we arrived to the spot to watch the sunset he positioned the boat right where we would be set up to take pictures with it behind us. As the sun was almost gone, he said to stand up and he would video us with the sun going down.

That was the moment that Parker got down on one knee and popped the question that I couldn’t wait to answer and of course I said YES!!!!!! We had about an hour ride back to the dock and we were both starving. We had decided that we would just get a bite to eat on the way home and that we would need to go see family the next day. As we arrived at the dock I saw people standing there but just assumed it was other people at their boat. As we got closer I realized that it was all both of our families waiting and cheering for us to come in! I was in so much shock that he did all of this by himself! We all went to eat at a restaurant called Hammerknockers in Panacea, popped some champagne and celebrated the two families coming together as one!!!

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Special Thanks

Captain Tom
Captain of the sailboat and photographer