Caroline and Nate

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How We Met

Nathan and I began our story together at the young age of 15. Our meeting was not a random act of fate, but apart of God’s bigger plan for our lives. We grew up in different towns and with very different backgrounds. We both ended up attending a small private Christian school in the beautiful beach town of Santa Barbara, California. This is where we fell in love. From the beginning, I was always intrigued by Nathan. He was a short, funny kid who wore round “Harry Potter” glasses and loved rap music. I remember one of the first days I met him he called my home phone after school one day asking for the home work and he ended up singing me raps he had written late into the evening. We bonded over the fact that we did not feel like we fit in at the new school and definitely struggled to keep up academically with the other kids in our class. Even thought it definitely was not love at first sight, I still can remember the feeling of his hugs and the smell of his cologne in those early days. We remained best friends throughout that first year and through the summer. After a summer apart and entering into a new school year, something changed. Those feelings i felt in the beginning only grew stronger and from the first day he put his arm around me at a school retreat, I fell. It is important to note that both Nate and I had never loved, let alone kissed anyone before.

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We began to get closer and even attended church together. Nate was not a believer and had not experienced the love of God. In our relationship there is a moment that stands out amongst them all. Before we were dating, we attended church together and I was praying to God to show me if Nathan was for me. I have always been a lover of true love and my hearts desire was to love one man and one man only. That day God spoke to me, more clearly then ever before and told me Nate was the man (at the time boy) for me. During a New years eve party at my (3) best friends house at midnight he asked me to be his. At midnight we also shared our very first (AWKWARD) first kiss, but it was perfect. Fast forward over five and a half years later and Nate much much taller here we are engaged to be married. Our love story has not always been perfect, we have gone through so much together. These past 5 years have been filled with the most beautiful highs and the lowest lows. Through it all we have always had each other. We have been able to grow up together, learn together and thrive together. Throughout the years many have asked “how could you only be with one person during your life?” or “how can you give up your youth to one person?”. Our answer has always remained the same, we are best friends, we love each other deeply and we would much rather do life together then apart. I am strong believer God had given every person a different beautiful path in this life, and this is ours.

how they asked

Our proposal was the fairytale I have always dreamed of, but never knew could exist. Nate and I have been talking about engagement since the beginning of the year as it felt like the next natural step. When he asked what my must haves for the proposal were I said, a picture of him on one knee and my mom to be there. My mom and I have been best friends since day one, literally. She has been a supporter of Nate and I since the beginning and has been there every step of the way. It was important to me to have her there on this day that we have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. Nate’s mom and older siblings and niece live in Montana and we try to visit every summer. We flew in on a Monday and Nate said the following day we would be spending the day alone at Glacier National Park as every had to work. To be honest I was little disappointed to hear this as I love family and wanted to spends much time as possible with them. Although I was a bit disappointed, I was even more excited to go the most beautiful place I had ever seen.

Nate and I went to Glacier National park in 2015 and we both fell in love, especially with Lake McDonald that had the cutest little dock with rowboats. The following day we got up early and headed towards the park. Nate and I take small road trips regularly, so I thought this was no different. Per usual we took our time on the road, even stopping at Walmart to get snacks and makeup(for me). Little did I know our closest family was eagerly waiting for our arrival. For the start of the day something felt different. Even as we drove to Glacier, all of our favorite songs played over the radio as we held hands. I remember as soon as we got into the car a worship song came on and the lyrics started “This is the start of something amazing, a moment when heaven touches earth”. As this lyrics came over the radio, Nate looked over to me and said “I just feel God’s presence here with us today”. As we got into the park Nate said he really wanted to go to the small dock with the boats to take a picture.

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Well, we took a wrong turn and ended up sitting in traffic for 50 minutes (this is so Nate LOL). We eventually got to the dock and there was a small wedding party taking pictures so, Nate suggested I go into the gift shop. All the sudden he come bursting into the little gift shop, grabs my hand and says lets go. There was a photographer with two huge cameras taking pictures of what I assumed was for the wedding. Nate asked if he could please use our phones to take a picture of us at the end of the dock.

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He made a joke along the lines ” yeah, if I can remember how”. When we got to the end of the dock Nate took my hand and began to cry. At this moment I knew what was coming, but it couldn’t be my parents weren’t there. I began shaking my head “No, my family is not here”. Then in the corner of my eye in a small shack I heard “We are over here!!!”. That was the last thing I remember until I saw the ring of course. The only reason I know Nate was on one knee when he asked me is because of our pictures, I blacked out from pure JOY.

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After saying yes and putting on my DREAM ring, our family ran to us on the dock. My parents who never travel had flown to Montana to be there with us on our day. Nate’s mom, grand parents, sister and niece were there with the most beautiful flowers and personalized cookies. The photographer introduced himself and said he was there to photograph us. We spent the next hour in complete bliss taking photos to capture this moment forever. It was more perfect then I can put into words. The amount of effort and time Nate, his family and my family put into making this day special continues to blow me away. I am so excited to for this next season with my very best friend and the love of my life.

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Special Thanks

Dennis Webber
 | Photographer