Caroline and Mike

How We Met: Mike and I met in college at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. We met because we were both involved in the SIU League of Legands (yes, the video game) club and went out with other club members to a bar one night. At the time we met, I was dating a guy who had just entered the US Marine Corps. Of course, I was faithful to my ex, and had no intention of leaving him, but a military relationship is hard.

We had only been dating for a short time before he left, and he changed after bootcamp. Mike had served in the US Marine Corps for six years before coming to Carbondale and was trying to help me make it through my relationship with my ex, but I just couldn’t take the change of my ex’s personality so I left him. I was very depressed at the time and Mike quickly became one of my closest friends. He helped me through many rough times and was always there for me, no matter how depressed I felt. Soon after, we began dating and that summer, made our relationship official.

how they asked: Mike proposed to me in his parents backyard, on their dock over looking the lake. It was the most beautiful and unique gesture anyone had ever done for me. It all started with Mike, my sister Emily, and I all road tripping up to Mike’s parents house for a weekend to get away from summer school (or so I thought). In reality, Mike had this weekend planned for months, but what I thought was just going to be a chill weekend, turned into the most exciting weekend of my life!

After we arrived at his parent’s house, everything was normal. We swam in the lake, drank wine on the porch, and I stayed up late to chat with Mike’s parents and their friends. The next day I woke up late, took my time getting ready, and went to get my nails done with my sister (that was the only weird part because I never get my nails professionally done). After that we ran errands and went back to Mike’s parent’s house. Upon arrival there, I was lead to Mike’s neighbor’s patio, and then Mike told me we needed to talk in private, so we went to the dock.

Image 1 of Caroline and Mike

After we began talking, Mike told me to turn around and there was Mike’s parents, my parents, and my sister all holding up signs that read “Will you marry me?” I turned back around and began to shake. Mike got down on one knee and presented me with a ring, asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes!!!

Image 2 of Caroline and Mike

After this, I noticed Mike’s brother, Matt, with a camera. He had been taking pictures and caught the engament on camera! Mike’s neighbor’s were also filming the proposal and taking photos because they were in on it too! After the initial proposal, I still had some more surprises in store. My best girl friend had been invited over to celebrate the engament and Mike’s parents got us a proposal cake!

Image 3 of Caroline and Mike

The whole day I was in shock, but I loved every moment of that day! It was perfect in every way and now let’s me know that I get to marry my best friend!