Caroline and Matthew

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How We Met

I literally have known Matthew all my life. Our families grew up together and we have always attended the same church. Matthew and I were in the same nursery classes, attended the same middle school and high school, and we were apart of the same youth group. You could definitely say over the years of always being together we became best friends, for sure!! There were times we loved each other, and there were times we got on each other’s nerves. It was the definition a typical friendship. Many people knew we had a close relationship for so long. After graduation, he decided to join the military and I was beginning my college career. Of course, we stayed in contact, but we were on two separate paths in our life and in two separate parts of the world. Half way through my junior year of college, we became closer and closer. We began to discuss the possibility of dating, but we were both a little scared, you could say. We began to date and I knew instantly it was very serious! Two best friends were beginning a relationship, it could be for the best or it could ruin a lot. Shortly after dating, Matthew was deployed for 6 months and I continued with school. FaceTime was our best friend!!!! I’ll say knowing him all my life, always being so close throughout the growing up years, and lots of prayers has definitely allowed all this to happen. It’s a love story that has truly developed over the years!

how they asked

Well it all started back in September, I celebrated my birthday and received plane tickets to AZ in the mail. When you’re in a long distance relationship, that’s the BEST gift ever. Of course, I was thrilled, and even better it was during a school holiday, Thanksgiving Break! I was excited to go and the time finally arrived. However on Thanksgiving day, it looked a little different. Instead of a home cooked meal with family, we spent our time on the military base and ate at a restaurant for lunch. (There were no complaints, we just enjoyed our meal and time together.) After eating, a group of us went to Mount Lemmon in Arizona to see the scenery and to take pictures. After taking lots and lots of pictures (I’m a typical girl and he’s a typical guy that doesn’t love pictures), we were about to head back to the city. I had made the comment earlier how I wanted lots of pictures on this trip, because I did not get to see Matthew a lot. Right before leaving the mountain I said, “Matthew, I have one more cute pose we need to do.” So, I handed my phone to his friend to get a quick picture. However, when I turned around Matthew was on one knee and said, “I have an even better pose.” At that moment, he asked, “Caroline, will you marry me?”

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In complete excitement, of course I said YES!!! So, my thanksgiving day was one I’ll never forget!! Such a sweet and meaningful memory that will forever be with me. Matthew did perfect, the scenery was wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier ring! Shortly after celebrating, we hurried down the mountain to FaceTime our families and friends. Here’s to forever and always with my best friend, Matthew! We are so happy and excited for the future!!

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