Caroline and Matthew

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How We Met

We are both from Jacksonville, FL, and it was October 14, 2018. I was out with a couple of girlfriends at the Jacksonville Beach Oktoberfest. We ran into a friend who was out with her older brother and his friends – one of them was Matt. We exchanged numbers that night and kept in touch a little bit over the next week or so. Almost exactly two weeks later we ran into each other at the same bar, which was crazy because neither of us goes out very much. The next week we went on a date and had an immediate connection. Our first date was the week after Thanksgiving so we immediately met each other’s parents during the holidays that year (see awkward first pic below) By New Year’s Eve we were official 💖 then two and a half years later we are now engaged!

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How They Asked

This year Matt is turning 30, so I really wanted to plan him something exciting for his birthday. He’s not into parties and doesn’t like a lot of attention on him so when my friend suggested joining her and her husband on a trip to Colorado as a surprise for Matt I knew it was the perfect present. Two couples that we were friends within Jacksonville had recently moved to Fort Collins so we had a free place to stay and some awesome built-in tour guides. I booked our tickets a month out and spread the word to our friends that it was a surprise for Matt.

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By some miracle, I was able to keep it from him until the morning we left for the airport! A couple of months before that we had started thinking about getting engaged and I had tried on rings so I knew he was going to pop the question soon. A little part of me was hoping that he would find out about the trip and somehow manage to plan a proposal in CO. But when I saw how surprised he was when I told him where we were going I knew there was no way it was happening this weekend.

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We were having an absolute blast in Fort Collins with our friends and had a birthday cake and everything for Matt the first night we were there. The second day we set out early to hike the Horsetooth Reservoir right outside Fort Collins. Once we got close to the top I wanted to get a picture with Matt and he took me by total surprise and PROPOSED !!!! It was absolutely perfect.

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The view was amazing and we were able to celebrate the rest of the weekend with our friends 🥰 Later I found out that my sister didn’t tell Matt where we were going that weekend but said that there might be some good proposal spots, so last minute he decided to bring the ring! I honestly can’t believe how perfectly it worked out.

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