Caroline and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I met my first day of university, in my first ever university course. I was with someone else at the time, but he says he noticed me right away. A few months later, he messaged me on Facebook asking if I would like some of his notes for another class. To clarify, Josh is 2 years older than I am and minored in what I happened to major in (French Studies). I accepted his offer, and the rest is history! From that point, I added him on facebook and that summer we began dating.

how they asked

Before telling you how they asked, there are a couple pieces of information that make this engagement story a little easier to understand, and a little more special.

First, Josh and I had been living in our new home for several months when we decided to start puppy shopping. Our hearts were set on a golden retriever. We looked for months, but whenever we (or rather, I) would find one, he would make an excuse so that we would wait. I was starting to think he didn’t want one after all.

Second, Josh has never worked a Saturday at his current job. However, for weeks leading up to the proposal, he kept reminding that he would need to go into work on Saturday, March 4th to finish up an important project and meet his project deadline. To be honest, I thought nothing of it. Even less so when he left at 7:30 am in his shirt and tie like any other work day.

Fast forward to the afternoon of this particular Saturday. I had just woken up from a nap and was starting some work at the kitchen table when I heard Josh get home at his regular time. I could hardly say hello before I heard him say that he had forgotten something in the car and would be right back. For the second time, I heard him walk into the house and up the stairs to the kitchen. As I turned around to ask him about his day, I saw him standing there, holding the sweetest, tiniest golden retriever puppy. I was in shock. He walked over and put her in my arms. The only words I could get out as I cried (happy tears, of course) were “Where did you get her? When? How?” I thought he was surprising me with a puppy, but his plan was bigger than that. After asking where, when and how for the 10th time, he asked me to look at her tag. As I looked for her tag, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The dog tag on her collar read “Will you marry my daddy”? Instead of going to work that day, he had driven 4 hours away to pick up our sweet princess. It was truly, honestly the best day of my life.

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