Caroline and Jon

How We Met

I met Johnny back in June of 2017 after a very sweaty, not-so-glamorous workout. I actually noticed him back in the beginning of the year at our gym, but after doing some, um… research (aka Facebook stalking), I ruled him out due to our difference in age.

But that June morning, I decided to go up to him—post-sweaty workout, mind you—and introduce myself. I had no makeup on, my hair was in a greasy ponytail, and my shirt had a giant sweat stain in the front, but I went up to him anyway. Instantly, I noticed his sweet smile, kind and personable demeanor, and plentiful tattoos. From there, I unintentionally planted a seed (okay, maybe it was a little intentional but I sincerely would have never guessed that everything would turn out the way it did!) in his head that had him thinking of me for the next few weeks.

Fast forward to a party that our gym threw three weeks later where I ended up gaining a little too much liquid courage. Johnny and I had been texting just a couple of days prior after a mutual friend gave him my number. I knew he was going to be at this party, so I finished half a bottle of wine at home before my Uber arrived to take me to the party. The thought of being around Johnny outside of gym clothes terrified me for some ridiculous reason. When I got to the party, I remember seeing Johnny and thinking “Crap— I need alcohol.” He just looked SO good. And it made me even more nervous! When I finally had enough courage in me to make the thought of saying hi to Johnny not so life-threatening, we walked up to one another after making eye contact for God knows how long, and he hugged me with the sweetest smile on his face and a drunk one on mine. “You look gorgeous!” he said, and I’ll never, ever forget it. The thought of that moment still makes me blush! I told him he looked good, too, and quickly introduced him to my best friend in hopes that he didn’t notice my blushing cheeks (or asian glow, who knows). Montana, my best friend, had actually spotted him out before I had gotten there. She had come up to me as soon as I got to the party exclaiming, “Your gym crush is here! And Car, he’s actually really good looking.” It was a surprise to her, and pretty much everyone else, because my taste in men prior to Johnny was wasn’t the greatest. After the introductions, Johnny returned back to his corn hole game, promising me he’d catch up with me later. And guess what? He kept his promise! I’m not quite sure how it happened, and I really wish I did, but he found me no more than half an hour later and stayed by my side the rest of the night. We took a couple of pictures together, then we were by the bar and I remember feeling his hand on my back and I just thought “wow, this feels so nice”.

Unfortunately, I had a little too much to drink, but Jon took care of me the entire night up until the next morning. He didn’t know where I lived, so he took me to his house where he tucked me into bed and left a bottle of water on the nightstand for when I woke up. Though I was mortified when I woke up the next morning, realizing what happened the night before, Jon was a complete gentleman about everything. He offered to take me home and even took me out to dinner later that day after I had time to recover and get some electrolytes in me. He handled everything with such kindness and grace and was clearly into me as I was into him. We started dating shortly after that wild night, and I remember spending each night wondering how I got so lucky to find someone as special as Jon.

How They Asked

What has now become the most memorable day of my life started out like any other Sunday. Jon got home at around 2 am, and I woke up to my head on his chest like I always do. I typically wake up at around 7:30 am on Sunday mornings and take advantage of that time to go run errands so I can let Jon sleep since he has such late shifts on Saturday nights and get the boring stuff out of the way so I can spend as much quality time with Jon as possible. After running some morning errands, I went back home where Jon was awake in our bedroom. He sweetly asked me if we could go to the Farmer’s Market to get Vietnamese coffee and tamales, and I agreed because it’s almost impossible for me to turn down his requests! We got ready for the day and headed off to the Hillcrest Farmer’s market where we loaded up on caffeine, tamales, and tacos— pretty much Jon’s dream breakfast. After our trip to the Farmer’s Market, Jon and I went grocery shopping where we strolled around Trader Joes much longer than we needed to, but he knows how happy that store makes me. Once we got home, Jon started on laundry while I went into cleaning mode. I cleaned out our fridge, mopped the floors, and even cleaned the bathrooms! Shortly after, I started on our meal prep for the week while watching a movie with Jon. At around 3:30 pm, it was time to get ready for our plans for that night. Jon had told me a week prior to the menu tasting at the old restaurant he managed called JRDN, and he asked if I wanted to go. I am not one to turn down free food, so I instantly agreed. I had been looking forward to this rare Sunday date night all week! As we got ready, I asked Jon what I should wear and he suggested the beautiful sweater I had bought specifically for our photoshoot in Springfield, Missouri that following week. I was hesitant but ended up agreeing because the sweater was just so beautiful, and I wanted to show it off on our date night together. We drove to the beach where Jon parked a little father than usual, but he reminded me of how much I love to walk (very true), so I didn’t think much of it. While walking the boardwalk, Jon suggested that we walk down on the beach before our dinner reservations, and once again, I didn’t think much of it.

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When we walked underneath the pier, I saw a beautiful setup on the sand and a guitarist playing and singing a beautiful song. I instantly knew what was happening, and my heart began racing 100 miles per minute. Jon walked me over to the beautiful setup, threw his flip flops to the side, and took my hands in his. I’ve never heard such emotion and his voice as he began to tell me how much he loved me, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I wish I could remember more, but I was a sobbing mess and nearly died when he dropped down on one knee. My sensitive, emotional, and romantic heart couldn’t take much more of this fairytale of a proposal! He opened up the ring box, presented to me my absolute dream ring, and asked if I would marry him with such love, tenderness, and sincerity in his voice. I instantly nodded, unable to get the words I so badly wanted to say, out. He slipped the ring on my finger, kissed me passionately, and all of a sudden I heard a huge eruption of cheering from up above. I looked up, and Jon whispered to me that all of our family and friends were there; he had invited them to watch this special moment of ours. My heart began to go into overdrive!

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Never, ever, have I been more in love with this man. He is thoughtful, selfless, kind, and incredibly special. He has the biggest heart of gold I’ve ever seen in a human being and has the ability to make me feel beautiful when I look like I haven’t seen the sun in two weeks. He is handsome, strong, loving, and ridiculously sweet. Loving Jon for the rest of my life seems to good to be true— I can’t believe he chose ME to have the privilege of being his forever. I cannot fully express the amount of love and joy Jon gives me. It’s almost an unfathomable amount. I think about him and I start crying because of my infinite amount of love for him. I truly believe our love is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been gifted such a kind of love. After our proposal, Jon brought me to the restaurant where he had rented out half of it to celebrate with our friends and family. The whole day just left me speechless and in tears. I adore this man with all of my heart, and cannot wait to be his wife.

Special Thanks

Ariana Brookshier
 | Photographer
Montana Zimmerman
 | Planning