Caroline and John

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How We Met

We met when John was a freshman and I was a sophomore at Otterbein University. It was through mutual friends, and we started spending a lot of time together even though I was leaving to study abroad in a few months. We both said we liked each other before school let out for the summer but weren’t “official.” He came to visit me in my hometown for a weekend, and that’s when he told me he didn’t care if we had to do long-distance for a little while and asked me to be his girlfriend. I took him to Fellows Riverside Gardens that weekend because it’s one of my favorite places, and now we’re getting married there!

how they asked

John had to work very hard to surprise me with his proposal because we’d been together for five years and had gone ring shopping, but of course he pulled it off. It was a Thursday night, and he told me we were going out to dinner because we hadn’t been out just the two of us in a while. Instead, he drove to Otterbein’s campus and I had no clue until he actually parked the car that it might be happening. We walked to the spot in front of my dorm where we had first said we liked each other, and I was shaking from anticipation.

One of our good friends had set up candles and flowers on the picnic table (and was there to take pictures).

He got down on one knee, had a beautiful speech prepared, and he took out the ring we’d picked together (he had been telling me it wouldn’t be ready for weeks because of the customization).

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I obviously said yes! I was so in shock that I didn’t cry until we got back to the car. We finally did go to dinner to celebrate and didn’t tell anyone until the next day.

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He timed it perfectly with my parents coming to visit, so we got to tell them in person and that was one of the best parts.

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Special Thanks

Erika Flugge
 | Photography (engagement shoot)
The Diamond Cellar
 | Engagement ring