Caroline and Jacob

How We Met: Jacob and I met back in the fall of 2008 while we were both in highschool. Our mutual friend Johnny always talked about his “friend” Jacob, although my friends and I had yet to actually meet him! The firsttime I saw him, Jacob was driving his green Camry to the football tailgate lot to pick up Johnny. Finally, the infamous Jacob was found to be real! That first meeting happened very briefly through that car window.

Image 1 of Caroline and Jacob

A week or two later, our friend group went to Steak ‘n Shake after a home football game. Jacob and I sat in the middle of the table facing eachother, and while the other guys were shooting straws at us girls, Jacob and I decided we were the only “normal” people there! (Don’t worry friends, we love you :) After that initial time at Steak ‘n Shake, we texted each other regularly, and sleepovers with my girlfriends included secret calls to the boy I was beginning to really crush on.

Skip ahead a few months and our school’s Sadie Hawkins style dance arrives in January. He claims that I didn’t technically ask him, but that’s up for debate. The following Monday he asked me in the CHS E-Hallways to “be his girlfriend.” Of course I said yes! A trend that would continue 6 years later.

how they asked: It was always my dream to travel to Europe, a dream that I made sure came true after I graduated college. A year before, Jacob and I both decided we would save up our money and try to see some of the world. I eventually recruited two of my sorority sisters to come as well! We made stops in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and back to Germany. It was truly magical!

When we made it to Italy, we stayed in Venice. The previous night we had visited the beach, and I had suggested walking out on the huge rocks. I told him they reminded me of the rocks in the ocean up in Massachusetts. Now, Jacob does not like to walk without shoes, and since he didn’t have his on he said no maybe later…later happened to be the next night!

We had planned to do a special “date night” by ourselves since we had traveled with a group, and Italy seemed like the perfect place. Little did I know that as I was getting ready, Jacob was scheming with my friends to catch our proposal! Before we headed to dinner he suggeted a walk on the beach, and a walk on the rocks since he “had his shoes on now.” I said sure! I was still clueless at this point. Out on the rocks, facing the ocean, he asked me who I thought the better “reader” was. Reader?

Image 2 of Caroline and Jacob

I was so confused..I told him I didn’t get it. Jacob told me to just turn around and to let him read me something. Turns out, he had brought a letter with him that I recognized since it was from 4 years ago! The letter mentioned things like, “I can’t wait to travel the world with you” (which we were doing). It could not have been more perfect.

I started to tear up and kept trying to turn around and see him. Meanwhile, Jacob was balancing a letter in one hand and retrieving the ring from his passport holder and silk bag in the other (all while trying not to drop the ring into the sea!). I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! He finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And just like 6 years ago, of course, my answer was yes!