Caroline and Hartland

How We Met

Hartland and I met at the beginning of 2017 through a mutual friend when I moved to Charleston. We spent a night out together with friends and were instantly inseparable! We’ve experienced so much together- like dating long-distance, adopting 2 puppies and a kitten, buying a house, backpacking through Europe, and quarantining through a pandemic together. I’m so excited to be able to spend the rest of my life with him!

Image 2 of Caroline and Hartland

Image 3 of Caroline and Hartland

How They Asked

We were on a trip to Asheville, NC in November to get out of town for a weekend. We were out exploring hiking trails and waterfalls when he asked me to marry him. I can’t imagine my life with anyone else!

Image 4 of Caroline and Hartland

Special Thanks

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