Caroline and George

How We Met

We met in August of 2008 during our freshmen year at The University of Alabama. Believe it or not, we actually shared the same English class our first & second semester’s of college and sat next to each other all year. If you ask him, we became friends because I talked his ear off and didn’t let him sleep ever. That may or may not be true. As fate would have it on such a large campus, my sorority sisters and his fraternity brothers ended up being very close, so we were able to spend a lot of time together that year and got to know each other really well.

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We both knew that a spark was there, but it was not until the sophomore year that we went on our first date. The following years included many football games, Greek functions, visiting now cities and states throughout the country, graduations, moves, a few years of long distance, and finally moving in together at the end of 2017. On March 18th, 2010 – George

asked me to be his girlfriend, and almost 8 years to the day later, he asked me to be his wife!

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how they asked

The weekend of March 9th, we headed down to St. Simons Island to join my mom and some of her family in surprising my grandfather for his 86th birthday. Little did I know that right before we left Charlotte, George picked up the ring from the jeweler with his mom – stopped to show it to his dad, and then picked me up. We picked up my cousin Amelia from Columbia on the way and successfully surprised Grandpa K late that Friday night at my aunt and uncles house on the island. The weekend was spent catching up with family, enjoying a walk on the beach with the dogs, a couple of beers (at Brogen’s, of course!), a wonderful birthday dinner celebration, and a night out with cousins and my sister. During our beach walk on Saturday, George asked me if I wanted to take another walk on the beach the next morning before we headed back to Charlotte, and I, of course, said yes.

The next morning, we woke up slightly tired after a late night, and George asked me if I wanted to get ready to go on that walk. A little tired and dehydrated, I said, “No, let’s just stay here and help clean up before we leave.” Little did I know, the night before George had shared with my sister Katie what his plan was, and her one job was to make sure that nobody came to the beach with us. Katie quickly jumped in and said, “You should go, you don’t know when you will be back here next, and Walter loves the sand!”….Okay fine.

George and I headed to Starbucks and then over to East Beach for our walk. We were walking towards Gould’s Inlet with our pup, enjoying the weather and the views. George kindly asked me, “Aren’t you glad I got Starbucks for us?” – and in my casual disdain for the length of time it was taking him to propose, I said, “It would have been better if you got a ring.”. I had no idea that it was sitting safely in his pocket the entire time.

We got further down the beach and before heading back to the house to pack, we stopped to play with Walter and enjoy the beach. George was standing behind me and had his arms around me, and slowly turned me around and I saw the most stunning ring I have ever seen in his hands. All he said was, “Caroline, will you marry me?” In that second, I could not believe that this moment was here, I blacked out a little bit, and felt pure happiness – he had proposed in a place that meant so much to my family and I, and right in front of the house that we had rented a couple of years prior with both his family and mine.

After that, we laughed, I cried, and Walter continued to chew on his stick. We walked back to the car, drove back the house, and surprised my family with the news. It was magical, perfect, and completely us.

We got back to Charlotte that evening and went straight to his parents’ house where we were met with hugs, dinner, & champagne!

Special Thanks

Isaac & Amanda Aiken
 | Photographer