Caroline and Evan

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How We Met

Looking back, Evan was always meant to be in my life. Little did I know that we were meant to be there for each other, through the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. Including the deaths of both of our brothers within two months of each other. Tragedy. Aching hearts. Excruciating pain. We will get to that part. Our story begins over seven years ago, during our freshman year of college.

Evan and I met in 2012 at the beginning of my freshman year of college (go Heels!) in the dining hall in our dorm. He was roommates with one of my best guy friends from home. I remember meeting Evan and remember not being able to look away from his dark brown eyes and a sweet little smile. We remained friends freshman year and officially started dating at the beginning of the sophomore year after I sent him the text, “Hey, I’m single. Want to get dinner?” It’s okay … you can laugh. Looking back now, that is the most Caroline and Evan thing I’ve ever heard of.

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Our time together at UNC consisted of cheering on the Heels at athletic events, helping each other with titration problems in Chemistry, attending each other’s formal events with our fraternity and sorority, and chasing each other around the magnolia tree that we named “Maggie” in front of Phillips Hall. These are beautiful memories we will always cherish. We even got our now famous dog, @holdenthegolden_.

After college, I worked at UNC’s Alumni Association and Evan continued his pursuit to become a Physician Assistant. Life was pretty awesome. Until it wasn’t. In August 2019, Evan went home to celebrate his father’s birthday. His twin, Michael, and older brother Wayne flew in to celebrate. That’s the night tragedy struck. Michael had fallen off of his skateboard and hit his head. Michael lost his life but saved many lives with the gift of being an organ donor. Our lives will never be the same without Evan’s “wombmate”, best friend, and brother.

Every day after this was a struggle. Every day we would wake up and be thankful we were living but would question why this was happening to us. And then in October 2019, I was at my best friend’s engagement party when I received the phone call that my brother, Drew, had passed away. Just two months after Michael. This couldn’t be real. Sadly, it was.

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Evan was with me that night. He held my hand the whole way in our three-hour drive home. He stood beside me while I spoke in front of 400+ people at my brother’s funeral. Even typing this, it doesn’t seem real, but we have learned the cruel reality that it is.

We were meant to be there for each other. We always knew we loved each other dearly, but we had no idea how much we would need to lean on each other during these terrible times. Thankfully, we had each other. We understood, and still understand when the other is having a bad day. We truly know what it means to love each other through the ups and downs. I am so lucky to have this amazing man to be by my side on this (sometimes extremely hard) journey of life.

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How They Asked

I planned our engagement and didn’t even know it. 😂💍🎉 In September 2020, I put in my notice that I would be leaving my job. I knew I’d have a week before I started my new job, and got the idea that Evan and I should do something super fun together (any other enneagram 7s out there?!). In our seven years, we’ve never traveled outside of NC together (without dogs or family), so I suggested we find somewhere safe to go adventure in this rare free time.

So one day I asked Evan if he’d want to go to Colorado in my week in between work, thinking he’d think I was crazy. But he was down!! A few days later, we booked the flight to Denver. ✈️ We were so excited. I found out that@airbnbhas@airbnbexperiencesyou can book, so I found several that I thought would be awesome for us. I found a glacier hike (so fun!) and a hike with an adventure photographer. I mentioned that one to Evan as a joke because he always makes fun of how I literally take pictures of everything, but he said to book it!!

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Little did I know, he bought a ring that next week and emailed our guide,@freshtrackshiking, to scheme about the perfect hike to do so we weren’t super tired and where he should pop the question. 😭 Cue the tears. Happy tears, this time!

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The hike was gorgeous and towards the end of the hike, we took the trail “Walker’s Dream”. At this point, the photographer said that “this was the best place to get the best photo” aka Evan’s cue that it was go-time 😭It was truly a dream come true. And so us. Of course, I was on a rock and felt so far away from Evan when he was kneeling, so I kneeled too 😂😂 , and then I fell right on the rocks. Yep, scroll to the last pic for proof. It was the most amazing morning of our lives.

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The stars aligned to create the perfect trip and for Evan to enact the perfect proposal. It’s been a journey to get us here. Ups and downs, highs and lows, happiness, and extreme sadness. Both of us losing our brothers within two months of each other were cards we never wanted to be dealt with. But thankfully, we have each other and will continue to hold tightly to each other in this crazy thing called life.#LindsayingIDo

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Special Thanks

Tyler Brooks
 | Photographer