Caroline and Eric

Image 1 of Caroline and Eric

How We Met

We are a bit fuzzy on who introduced us, but we met initially during our fresh week at university. We never really spoke though. It wasn’t until third year that we started to study in the same place. We started talking a lot about our romantic partners at the time. We slowly became best friends and stayed best friends for a couple years. The week before I was leaving university and moving home to another city, we realized that what we had wasn’t limited to just friendship. It was a huge leap of faith to start our relationship on long distance. But we did it…two years worth. Boy, was it worth it!

how they asked

how they asked: Aug 7, 2016. We woke up to a bright, sunny day in Iceland. We hiked up Glymur falls, which was a pretty steep climb. when we reached a clearing (with no one else around), Eric suggested that we take a self-timed photo on my camera. After the flashes went off, he said he’d go check the pictures to make sure they were okay. He ran to the camera and said he wanted to take one more. He ran back to me and I kept saying, “it’s not flashing! You didn’t set the timer correctly.” He insisted that it was working and to smile. We smiled at the camera, but little did I know, it was actually a video. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee saying the sweetest things…

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Image 3 of Caroline and Eric

and then: “Will you marry me?”

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