Caroline and David

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How We Met

I met Dave in October of 2013. It was my senior year of college. My best friend came to me one day and told me she had met a guy on a dating app and wanted to meet up with him one weekend. She asked him to bring a friend (who turned out to be Dave) and asked me if I would be her wing woman. I really wasn’t trying to meet anyone at that time and honestly was very hesitant at first but eventually, I gave in. The guys went to a school about 30 minutes from ours so on October 25, 2013, they drove up for the weekend and we all decided to get dinner and then go out that night to a local bar. My friend and the guy she was meeting instantly paired off so Dave and I had time to just talk and get to know one another over the weekend. We really hit it off and the next week he asked me out on a proper first date. Our first date was actually on Halloween that year and we’ve been together ever since!

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How They Asked

So now fast forward six years…Dave and I have been together a while now and I knew eventually one day we’d get engaged but I had no idea that it was coming this weekend. Earlier last week my sister reached out to me telling me she found a vineyard that was open and asked if Dave and I wanted to go for a wine tasting with her and her husband. I instantly jumped at this since we’ve been inside so long I was itching to get outside. The day I had absolutely no idea. I got ready as if we were going to a wine tasting and my sister and I both decided to wear sundresses because we were excited to finally get out of the house.

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That day though it was pouring rain in the early afternoon my sister told me they had indoor seating too so I didn’t question it. Upon pulling up to the “vineyard” I realized we were at a lavender farm, which is my favorite flower! When I asked my sister and Dave they said “oh the vineyard has a lavender farm too.” I again didn’t question it and was just excited to look at the lavender.

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So as they’re trying to get me to walk through the field I keep stopping to just smell the flowers! So I was completely clueless! Eventually, we got to this lavender labyrinth that Dave wanted us to walk through and at this point, I was definitely getting suspicious and was thinking to myself, “wait is this happening now?!?” As we took a few more steps through the lavender our favorite song started playing throughout the field and that’s when I realized and started crying. Eventually, Dave got down on one knee and it all felt like a dream!

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