Caroline and Craig

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mountains of East Tennessee

How We Met

Craig and I met for the first time when I was 16 and he was 17. We both played Bible Bowl, where you memorize scripture and compete against teams from around the country. We were both playing in a basketball tournament one night after Bible Bowl rounds were over. His team was playing mine. I later found out he came out of the game the same time I did because he wanted to talk to me.

After that, we started to spend more time together that summer, but after Bible Bowl nationals, he went back home to Indiana and I went back home in Tennessee. We kept in touch through the year and got to be very close friends. The next summer we saw each other in person for the first time since the year before. We spent a lot of time together catching up. He asked me to be his girlfriend 3 weeks later and we began our long distance dating journey.

how they asked

We have now been together for over three years. We ended up going to the same college, where we met, in East Tennessee. We had talked about for a while that we needed to go watch the sunset together. The day of, he said we should dress up and just make it a picnic date. We took food up to the top of the mountain, spread out a blanket, and sat and talked while watching the sunset. He brought a bag with him with a sweatshirt in case we got cold. After a while, he stood up and said he had something for me. He reached into his bag and pulled out a Bible with my name engraved on it, something I had been wanting for a while. I started to flip through it and noticed some verses were highlighted and there was a bookmark.

I turned to the bookmark which was at the passage in Ephesians where it talks about what it means to be a godly husband and wife. I looked at the page and there was a sticky note that said, “look down and look happy. p.s. I love you!” He was down on one knee.


He told me he got the Bible because we met at Bible Bowl and faith had always been the center of our relationship. Craig is studying youth ministry, so he said he couldn’t wait to do ministry together. He then went on to say the verses that were highlighted were about love and what it means to be a godly husband and wife. He then said he was so excited to see what God had in store for our future, and he asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes!