Caroline and Clark

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How We Met

How Clark and I met sometimes seems like something out of a teen Disney movie. We were 16 years old. He went to my rival high school and was the quarterback there. I had become best friends with a lot of girls who went to school there so I often went to their football games on Friday nights. This night was a huge game and I remember standing with one of Clark’s friends as he asked me if I had ever met Clark before. I had honestly never heard of him, but his friend told me that Clark had seen a picture of me earlier that day and thought I was cute. Some of the girls around me were shocked Clark took interest in someone because he was so focused on sports all the time he never paid much attention to girls. After the game, his friend dared me to go talk to him. I forced my best friend, who knew Clark, to go with me and casually ask for a picture with him so I could take it and be introduced. We talked for a little that night and he got my number from his friend the next day. We began dating shortly after and haven’t stopped for the past 4 plus years! :)

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how they asked

Clark and I had plans to go to church that Sunday morning and he said he had made reservations at a new restaurant in town after. On our way to the reservation, he told me he got a text from his dad saying to stop by the high school football field and check on the locker room because an alarm went off. Clark’s dad is the Athletic Director of the high school that Clark went to so this wasn’t too out of the ordinary. It was pouring down rain all morning and didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon so I was not wanting to go check on it with him. When we pulled up he kept asking me to go out and check with him and finally I just agreed. We walked down the walkway and headed towards to locker room.

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He went inside the locker room and grabbed a ring box and walked me out onto the field, right to the spot where we met over 4 years ago. He said sweet words and promises, got on one knee and asked me to marry him…and I said yes!

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Oh, an this all is taking place in the pouring rain. Then, there was a picture of us on the jumbotron and the song “Sweet Caroline” playing over the speakers. I looked up and saw our family and friends coming out of the press box cheering for us. Plus, two of my best friends were taking pictures and videoing the whole time. It was one of the most wonderful days, and I am beyond excited to marry Clark!

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Special Thanks

Hannah Kohr
 | Photographer