Caroline and Brody

How we met: Brody and I grew up in a small town in eastern North Carolina. Our town has one stop light and only two restaurants. This small town life made it easy for everybody to know everybody. Brody and I have been friends since first grade, when his dad coached our tee ball team. Our mothers have been friends forever as well as our grandmothers. We went to middle school together, then started high school together in 2007.

Throughout high school we dated other people and remained friends. Brody was always my “guy friend”, we would eat lunch together and he would sit patiently and listen to me complain about how my current boyfriend was treating me. We had fights just like any friendship does but we always worked it out. 2011, Senior year had finally arrived and my boyfriend of one year had just broken my heart and left me without a prom date my mom had mentioned to me “Why don’t you date Brody Brown” my reply was always the same “Mom, Brody is the guy you marry not date”. On May, 18th 2011 Brody and I were hanging out in shop class after the class was over and everyone had left. Something happened, something changed, for the first time I looked at Brody and knew he was the one… we kissed for the very first time.

Senior year marched on and we graduated on June, 11 2011 … On June 24th, 2011 Brody asked me to go with him to dinner, he wouldn’t tell me where we were going until we got there. We ended up in Emerald Isle North Carolina, we ate dinner at my favorite restaurant then walked on the beach. This is where Brody asked me to be his girlfriend. “I have been your friend forever and I have seen and heard how all your past relationships ended up and I am asking you to give me a chance to treat you like the princess that you are..”

Image 1 of Caroline and Brody

how they asked: Brody is an amateur Bass Fisherman, for Christmas I had purchased Brody a bass fishing guide trip in Orlando for April 3rd. When we arrived in Orlando on Wednesday night I mentioned I wanted to go to Disney on the following day. Thursday April 2nd, we woke up and drove to Walt Disney World. After purchasing tickets and walking in we immediately started riding rides. We spent the day together just him and I along with 3000 other people at Disney. Around 5:00pm he mentioned that he was ready to get something to eat, I asked him where he wanted to eat at and he made the comment ” when we came in we passed by a lot of restaurants by the castle” I agreed that we should head that way and grab something to eat.

As we walked by the castle Brody said “do you know where we go to pick up the pictures that we took this morning?” I had no idea, I sat on the sidewalk as he walked over to ask a Disney photographer. He walked back over with an upset look on his face… “They have lost our castle pictures from this morning!” I was really upset because by 5:00 I was sweaty, tired, and hungry. Brody said ” come on we can just take another one” we took the first photo then Brody said “I have to do something” confused I looked at the photographer and she was smiling.

I looked back at Brody who was now on his knee saying “Caroline Lynae Banks, I love you with all my heart will you marry me?” I was in complete shock, speechless, and crying … Brody stood up saying “is that a yes?”

Image 2 of Caroline and Brody

I threw my arms around him and yelled YESSS!!!