This Guy Went All Out for His Proposal and We Couldn't Be More Impressed

best beach proposal idea_887How We Met: Andrew and I grew up as family friends. Our dads were business partners and started a company called Single Source together 25 years ago. My dad retired from the company, while Andrew’s Dad still remains the CEO. I was actually at Andrew’s first birthday party in my mother’s womb (I was born the month after his party)! I grew up in Dahlonega and he grew up in Roswell so we didn’t see much of each other except at family functions and gatherings. But we were both always aware of who the other person was because our Dads have always remained close friends. At Andrew’s high school graduation party my Dad grabbed both my hand and Andrew’s and held them together and said “dearly beloved, we are gathered here today”… I was absolutely mortified. Little did I know I would one day be marrying that boy! I always thought Andrew was super cute and “cool” however we were both always dating other people and lived in separate towns so I never thought about Andrew as ever being anything more than a family friend.

In college, Andrew reached out to me multiple times on Facebook and we would make small talk. He invited me to his lake house a couple times and to various other things but I always kind of blew him off because I was always dating someone else. After he graduated from college I messaged him on Facebook and congratulated him. He responded in seconds and about three minutes into our conversation he asked if he could take me out. I excitedly accepted and we went on our first date a week later. I was so nervous before our first date I made myself an Amaretto Sour to calm my nerves! He pulled up to my apartment complex in his big blue tricked out truck (the coolest car I had ever seen!) We went to The Brookwood Grill in Roswell, Ga. We had the best time together and I didn’t want the night to end. Ever since that date we have been inseparable.

how they asked: Andrew has always surprised me with fun, over-the-top get-aways so when he told me he wanted to spend the weekend with me at his parents’ house on Daufuskie Island I thought nothing of it.  I assumed it was just going to be a low-key weekend with just the two of us. We arrived on the island and instead of going to his parents’ house he took me to the light house on the island and told me that we would be staying there for the weekend instead of staying at his parents’ house. I thought this was odd but again, this is not unusual for Andrew to do.  We went for a little walk around the light house and then he told me we needed to get ready because we had dinner reservations at 7. Once we were ready we got into the golf cart and went to what I thought was going to be the restaurant.  Instead, we pulled up to his parents’ house and he took me to the front door. He gave me a note and told me to read it when he left and that he would see me soon. I was completely confused at this point but I still wasn’t thinking “proposal” because he does romantic things for me all the time.

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I read the note, which told me to proceed inside and put on the dress, shoes and jewelry that was laying out for me. He told me not to snoop around the house but to sit and wait for a knock at the door in 15 min. I got ready and sat anxiously in the living room while waited for this mysterious knock. My heart was pounding and at this point all I could think was if this isn’t the proposal I’m going to kill him for doing this to me again!

Some one knocked at the door and I ran to the door to find his brother, Austin all dressed up, bow tie and all with the biggest smile on his face (he was supposed to be at a friend’s lake house).

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This was the moment I knew Andrew was going to propose.  I looked up and saw a horse drawn carriage and about 6 different photographers taking pictures of me. I was in shock at this point. All I was thinking was how on Earth did Andrew get a horse and carriage on this island?!  Austin grabbed my arm and took me to the carriage where he gave me a laptop and started playing a video for me to watch. While I was watching the video my heart was pounding and I was so overcome with emotion. I tried not to pay attention to all the photographers and videographers. I didn’t know if I should look at them or not while they were running around the carriage! When we pulled up to the beach it was the exact spot where Andrew had proposed to me and I thought he was standing there waiting for me, but I still had more to see before it was time!

When I started walking down the beach I thought maybe Andrew had ordered the signs but then I realized that each sign was hand painted and they had personal reasons why specifically Andrew loved me! They were absolutely stunning and the detail was incredible.

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I learned later that his aunt had spent months painting them for me.

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As I approached the gazebo all I wanted was to see Andrew, but he had more planned for me. The gazebo was stunning and so exquisite. I was just completely in awe.

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The moment I finally got to hug Andrew was one I will never forget.

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We just held each other and cried and I kept thinking this is the start of the rest of our lives together, how lucky am I that I get to spend forever with him? After the blindfold came off and I saw all of our family standing there I completely lost it. The most important people in our lives were about to witness the best moment of mine. I was actually so overwhelmed that I didn’t notice they were holding letters that said, “Will you marry me”. After he got down on one knee and I said “yes!” fireworks went off.

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I looked up and all I could do was laugh because it was so “Andrew” have perfectly timed fireworks go off. It was so outrageously incredible. After the proposal we went to the reception where I was once again surprised and saw all of our friends standing around a dance floor with the biggest smiles on their faces! I was ecstatic that not only did our family get to witness our engagement but we now get to dance the night away and celebrate with all of our friends too! The band started playing “Moonlight Crush” by one of our favorite bands, Outshyne. I screamed, looked at Andrew and said, “They are playing our song!” He laughed and said, “That IS Outshyne”. I once again was in disbelief that now my favorite band was staying right in front of me playing for our engagement party. It was truly the best day/night of my life and I will never forget how overjoyed I felt. Andrew spent six months planning the proposal for me and he put his heart into every single detail. I felt like a real-life princess and I now get to live my own real-life fairytale with my own prince charming.

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Photos by Moreland Photography