Caroline and Adam

Image 1 of Caroline and AdamHow We Met: We met our sophomore year of college through a business leadership program at the University of Georgia. We got to know each other well through this program (it was a close knit group of 30) and even worked on the same team for a semester, but were just friends. I always thought Adam was a great guy who was kind to everyone, very smart and hardworking, and humble in his many accomplishments.

During a snow day, I remember my roommate and I walked by his fraternity snowball fight and we laughed that he was cute. About a month after the snow day, a date bailed on me for an upcoming sorority hockey date night. After talking to my roommate, I decided to ask Adam. From the start of the night to the bus ride to Atlanta to the hockey game to downtown afterwards, we had so much fun.

We snuck up to the front row of the hockey arena and never ended up joining the sorority block. When we each used the restroom and were questioned for our tickets, we each said “my girlfriend/boyfriend has them” and laughed at ourselves and thought nothing of it. We completely hit it off that night and the rest is history as college sweethearts.

how they asked: Since childhood, I’ve always spent the July 4th holiday with my family at the beach and this year was no exception – I flew down to St. Pete, where my sister lives, to enjoy the long weekend. Adam always has to work on July 4th since it immediately follows the end of second quarter, so nothing was unusual about him having to work this year.

Image 2 of Caroline and Adam

My sister had mentioned that her boyfriend’s uncle wanted to meet our family while we were in town and that he offered to take us out for a sunset cruise on his sailboat. I love sailing so I was excited but confused why I had to shower and change out of my swimsuit (I’m used to sailing in a swimsuit or wetsuit!). My sister convinced me that I better look halfway decent to meet her boyfriend’s family.

Image 3 of Caroline and Adam

We brought snacks and drinks and headed over to the marina. We set sail late afternoon and naturally my photo-loving family started snapping some pictures. My sister and I were taking a photo together when I suddenly felt a hand on my left shoulder. I turned around and looked up to find… Adam! Here on this boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Not working in Atlanta. I was shocked.

The next ten minutes were a blur of happiness, acceptance that Adam really was standing on the same boat as me, realising he was about to propose and the excitement to be engaged. After the tap on the shoulder and a long hug, we pushed back to look at each other and he said (I had to get him to repeat this later since I was still in shock/happiness mode!), “You probably know what is coming next, but before I do that, I want you to know how much I love you and how happy you make me, and how happy I want to make you.

Image 4 of Caroline and Adam

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I squealed (my brain had caught up with his words) as he got down on one knee. This was apparently the cue for crazy wind and waves. He asked “will you marry me?” and I heard myself say “Yes!” three times for good measure. Then both of us (and the ring box) almost went overboard from the waves. We hobbled around and he (quickly) put the BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger.

Image 5 of Caroline and Adam

Image 6 of Caroline and Adam

The rest of the night was champagne toasts, dolphin sightings, calling our family to share the news from the bow, lots of pictures, and a beautiful sunset. It was a proposal beyond anything I could have imagined and I could not be more excited to marry this wonderful man!

Image 7 of Caroline and Adam