Carolina and Nico

Image 1 of Carolina and NicoHow We Met: Nico and I met “two” times but if we want to get technical, we had ran circles around each other from the time we were five years old. Growing up in a small town area, it’s easy to know everyone but Nico and I hadn’t cordially met until we were 16 years old at my high school homecoming game. I had heard so much about him that I felt like I knew him already so I took it upon myself (along with a sassy attitude) to introduce myself to the “infamous Nico” (I say that jokingly everytime!) At this time though, Nico and I had been dating other people so for us, it was not love at first sight.

The second time we met was two years after high school. He had been at a state school about three hours away for the last year and half and I was attending the junior college by our hometown. I was working three jobs as a pizza maker and a server while going to school. Little did I know that I’d be making pizza for my (now) future husband! I noticed Nico coming into my store more frequently than usual and everytime he’d come in, I’d get flustered and red in the face realizing I would send someone else to help him out! Of course he’d pick fun at me on social media and one day I woke up and sent him my number telling him he could contact me if he ever felt like catching up! What do ya know, I’m marrying this man now.

how they asked: Nico planned out the most perfect proposal. I never dreamed of something more perfect than this. I had never been wine tasting! He knew how badly I wanted to try it out so he planned a Sunday out for us to go wine tasting in Murphys, CA. I was unbelievably excited because I had been told Murphys was the cutest little town with some of the best winerys! Waking up that morning, I felt Nico tense but I didn’t ask questions! He surprised me with my best friend and her boyfriend joining us there! Obviously I grew even more excited. When we arrived, we didn’t see Jordan and Eric there just yet so we grabbed a bite to eat. Jordan had text me saying that they had run into traffic and were going to be a little late. Nico grew even more tense, but knowing my (boyfriend) I did not ask questions. He ran out of the delicatessen and took a phone call. When he came back, he said we were going to get the truck and meet Jordan and Eric at the first winery we had planned on going to. He sat me along a creekbed but he drove around to pick me up. Upon arrival, Nico’s hands grew clammy and heart started beating faster and I felt him pulling me in closer and closer. He started talking to me about how much he loved me and wanted nothing more than to make me happy always. My heart was fluttering, I loved hearing him speak to me like he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, but I got distracted and started asking where Jordan and Eric were. He continued talking and trying to get me to shut up and he told me to focus my attention on the gazebo that had been set up for us to try out some wines.

Image 2 of Carolina and Nico

As I looked, Nico tapped my back and I turned around to only see the man of my dreams on one knee. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Not only was he saying he loved me and dreamt of the day he would ask the woman of his dreams to be his wife but also had my best friend and her boyfriend hiding in a bush capturing the whole thing! My heart was jumping for joy and I said yes yes yes a million times! I also was in tears asking him to stand up and wrap his arms around me but he told me to be quiet and listen to what he had to say. God gave me the greatest blessing that could have ever happened to me. I can not wait to be his wife on August 15, 2015!

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Photography by Jordan Blevins