Carolina and Geronimo


How We Met

We met at her baptism the 28th of September 2014! After the baptism we got into a small cramped car where we sat beside each other! because it was such a small vehicle her arm and mine were entangled so that more people could fit! At that moment I could tell she was different than all the other girls! She treated me different than what I had ever previously experienced! I knew that I wanted her!

how they asked

I was preparing her birthday party and couldn’t think of what I wanted to get her! all I knew is that I wanted to give her a surprise she wouldn’t forget! and that is where I thought of proposing! It was the perfect idea! celebrating her birthday, our 2nd year of being together… all at the place where we had our first date! It was almost perfect! I told her my idea of taking her out to Pompeii! She loved the idea and instantly asked if I would do her a favor and wear a suit and tie! I said yes in an instant! Now it was perfect! I went a day earlier to reserve the private room for our special event! When we got there… the table was covered in rose pedals, a dozen roses, lit candles all with the perfect music playing in the background!


After eating I made an excuse and walked to the waiter giving him my phone to record the event! told her I needed to talk to her about something important. 2 years ago you told me that if i wanted to date you, I have to promise to marry you! That day i made that promise to you! And today I want to fulfil my promise to you! Carolina… Will you marry me?


She sat there while I was on one knee! She cried of joy! she couldn’t say a word so she just nodded yes while covering her mouth with her shaking hands! I stood up and hugged her! We were so happy!


Our Video

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