Carolina and Ashvin

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How We Met

Ashvin and I metin aBrunch at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. We were complete strangers, he sat far away from me, but when we starredat each other and we smiled. After the meal, he came with his chair next to me, we started talking and before I leavehe asked for my phone number.

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How They Asked

After almost two years of relationship and many journeys together, he asked me in the best and romantic way I can ever imagine. He took me in the middle of a pandemic time, lonely NYC streets, restaurants and bars closed in the middle of the evening to central park, telling me that was a light show for the reopening of the city.

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I got frustrated and frightened to walk and go inside Central Park when it was getting very dark but I did my best to listen because he told me every day before about that special show he booked tickets and he really wants to do something nice with me.

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When we got to “Bow Bridge” inside the central park I notice some lights near the water and I got very excited without knowing that an amazing surprise was for me. My heart melted when I heard our favorite song and I saw the sign “Marry me”, It was so beautiful.

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The bow bridge and a pond in the background, the sunset almost was done, many candles, lights, our favorite songs, and a beautiful rose inside a crystal case, everything set up in a wood deck next to the pond. He got on his knee and he told me how much he loves me and asked me the big question “Will you marry me?”

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Special Thanks

Vlad Leto
 | Photographer
Tatiana Caicedo
 | Planning