Carolina and Adam

How We Met

I met Adam on May 20th, 2017. It was my late sister’s birthday. She had passed away two years earlier and her birthdays were still very tough for me. I went on Tinder looking for temporary affection but instead, I bumped into this cute music teacher. At the time I was also teaching kids and I knew what kind of person you have to be in order to be a teacher so I swiped right because we had that in common. We started chatting and I was determined to waste no time on tinder like I had done in the past. He sent me some of his music and I sent him my poetry. I was immediately in love with his soulful ways. I decided to ask him for his number about 5 hours later after we started talking. I gave him a call which took him by surprise. We spoke for a little and realized we lived about 10 minutes away from each other. Adam proposed that we met at this really public local bar so we did. I remember getting out my uber and seeing him standing in front of the location under the light. There was that soulful mysterious man and I was so excited to meet him. We sat down and as soon as he looked at me with those beautiful Big blue eyes I felt his energy come into my soul and I knew I was in so much trouble. We talked like two old friends for hours. We exchanged so much that night and I knew then that even if it was just one temporary tinder date, I had found someone special. Turns out Adam is great at playing the piano, much like my late sister used to play for me. He brought hope into my life during a really sad day. Sometimes I think my own sister sent him for me but whatever the case is, I am so grateful for his presence in my life.

how they asked

Out 1st year of being together was coming up and Adam proposed we do a cute photo shoot to celebrate. He helped me pick out my dress as I had no idea about the location or theme and I was officially ready for whatever he had planned. It was on May 20th, 2018 exactly a year later after we met. He told my mother to bring me to this specific location and as we started driving there, I realized it was at the beach. I got super excited because I love shooting but I had never done it with Adam by my side. I saw a familiar face. My friend who is a videographer and I mini panicked but had no real idea what was happening.

Adam sat me on a bench and gave me a flower vase and told me to listen to him while he played me a song on his guitar. I knew then something important was about to happen. Adam is a music teacher at a high school and had 6 of his students come up to me one by one. They all gave me one rose with a note attached to it. Each note was a reason why Adam loves me. After they each handed me a rose, they sat by him with their respective instrument and started playing songs right there on the beach. It was so adorable.

They played me 3 songs and then the kids disappeared behind me and Adam started playing this very special song he had written for me. At the end of the song, he told me to look behind me and all his students were standing on the sand holding huge signs that read “ Will you officially be my wife?” — I went crazy! He had lied to me and told me he couldn’t propose because he had no money. He played it right. He got down on one knee and ask me to marry him in Spanish and of course, I accepted.

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