Caroleann and Eric

how they asked: We had been talking about getting a kitten for a few weeks and found one we were ready to adopt! I was very excited, and was under the impression I would be taking the kitten home within the next few weeks.  On April 28, I arrived home to find the bedroom door shut (which is weird for us) and my boyfriend nowhere to be found.  I opened the bedroom door and my boyfriend is laying on the floor with a blanket.  At this point, I’m saying to myself “What is this weirdo doing?”  Out of his arms pokes a little kitty face! I was so excited he went and picked up Buddy a whole week early! I immediately picked Buddy up and cuddled him and gave him kisses.  I put Buddy down on the blanket and he flips over to show me his belly and I notice his collar has a little heart pendant attached.  Written on the pendant is “Marry Me.”  I look up in shock as my boyfriend pulls the ring out of his pocket and says “CC, I promise to love you forever. Will you marry me?”