Carole and Ryan

How We Met

We met at Penn State in January 2013, and instantly hit it off. We started seeing each other, but never told anyone. He went home in May for the summer, we continued dating and finally introduced one another to our families. When we went back to school, we spent every night and weekend together. Every other night I stayed with him at his place and on the other nights he stayed with me. I graduated from Penn State in May 2015 and he transferred to another campus in August. We continued our relationship long distance and only saw one another on weekends. The weekends that I didn’t have to work, I went to visit him. The weekends I did have to work, he came to visit me. It was really rough and rocky for a while, especially when we were unable to see each other for whatever weekends (car troubles, school trips, etc). We decided in July of 2016 we were going to move in together. The first few months we’re the worst, getting used to sharing space together and learning things we didn’t know. We argued a lot more than we ever have and never agreed on anything. Eventually, we both became more level headed and everything worked it’s way out.

how they asked

We went to Disney World for the first time as a couple for Christmas 2016. It was my very first time there, but it was his third. As soon as we returned home, we booked our next trip for October 2017. The night of October 30, 2017 we went to Magic Kingdom and had our picture taken at every photo opportunity down main street to get different views and angles in front of the castle, there was about 12 of them. He told me we HAVE to do it again in the day time. October 31, 2017 we return to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon we did the same thing, stopped at every photo opportunity and had a cast member take our photo. As we got to the last one, a parade was starting and cast members were trying to get everyone out of the street. So we went to meet some princesses and other characters, ride some rides, and grab a bite to eat. As we were about to leave, he reminded me that we needed to get the last photo. We picked one of the last ones set up in front of the castle. The photographer took a few photos and he told me to wait while he went to ask her if she did any magic shots. At Disney, a magic shot is a photo that photographers take where they add characters, like Tinkerbell, to the photo. He came back, asked me if I was ready, I said yes and posed for a photo. Next thing I know, he’s down on one knee asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

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