Carole and Christopher

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How We Met

We first met in July of 2016 by random. We began exchanging a few texts for a couple of weeks and then before long, it was nonstop texting every day. Gradually we began calling each other and would talk for hours. Six weeks after the meeting, Christopher asked Carole on a date to a college football game and she happily agreed. The big day rolled around on September 3, 2016. Christopher and CC met in a parking lot for the first time right next to the old Georgia Dome (sad it’s not there anymore!) They spent their day tailgating with Christopher’s friend and “Uncle” Kevin. Then it was finally time for the game. Carole spent the night in Atlanta after the game and hung out with Christopher all the next day. Their day on Sunday consisted of the college football hall of fame, brunch, walking around Piedmont Park, and going to the mall. After their first date, Christopher and Carole decided they wanted to see each other again. Two weeks later Christopher came to stay at Carole’s apartment in Anderson for the entire weekend. This is when they officially started dating. Unfortunately two weeks after they started dating, Christopher was in a tragic car accident. He subsequently broke almost every bone in his right leg. The next few months for these two were spent with Carole coming down almost every weekend to Georgia to help take care of Christopher. Christopher finally healed up and the next couple of years were spent long-distance dating for these two. FaceTime dates, seeing each other every weekend they could, and traveling together any chance they got. Both of them knew fairly early on after meeting that they had found the perfect person for them. Carole’s love for college football really attracted Christopher. If a loud Gamecock and a loud Dawg can make a relationship work there should be hope for everyone out there :)

How They Asked

Sunday, June 30, 2019, started out as a normal day. I picked Christopher up for Brunch because that’s our weekend tradition. We arrived at First Watch (my fave) in Buford, Georgia. I was getting out of the car and grabbing my purse from the backseat. While I was doing this, Christopher told me he dropped something on the ground and asked if I could help him. I said sure (he had recently hurt his back at work so I totally believed he needed help). I walked to the other side of the car and there was Christopher down on one knee holding a ring. I stood there completely motionless and speechless. I was obviously so shocked because to quote everyone who knows me I’m never at a loss for words. I finally screamed yes, helped Christopher off the ground, and we hugged for an eternity. We FaceTimed both of our mom’s and they acted surprised even though they knew the plan the entire time. The most special part of the day is what Christopher planned for us to celebrate. My entire childhood was spent going to the lake as my parents owned a lake house. I practically lived on the lake as a child and some of my best memories where spent at my grandparents’ lake house.

Proposal Ideas Buford, Georgia

Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in 2005 and my grandmother sold the lake house not long after that. After the lake house was sold I never spent much time at the lake. Christopher knew my love of the lake and planned a celebration with both of our families at the lake. His mom flew in from Colorado, his sister flew in from Michigan, and my parents made the drive down from South Carolina. It was truly the most special day that I will never forget. Later on that day I found out the special story about my engagement ring. Christopher’s dad passed away about a year and a half before I met Christopher. The stone on my ring is from a pair of earrings his dad gave to his mom years ago. Christopher went with his dad to pick out the earrings when he was little. His mom saved the pair of earrings and gave one of the stones to Christopher for him to propose with. It is so special that Christopher picked out this stone years ago and then he proposed with it. Being able to carry around a piece of his dad with me is incredibly special.