Carole and Andrew

How We Met

Originally, Drew and Carole met in 8th grade. They had dated for a week when Drew decided he was too cool to be tied down. After graduation they had lost all contact and went to different high schools. Even after dating a few people, Carole just couldn’t seem to get Drew off her mind.. she knew what she wanted! Every so often she would search MySpace and Facebook for any sign of him with no luck. Then finally, a picture of him appeared when Carole typed his name in. She couldn’t believe it! After a little hesitation she decided to add him. Days later, Drew had broken up with his girlfriend and began messaging Carole! Messages led to long drives, and hours of talking.. then eventually dating!

how they asked

“First things first: I am unbelievably obsessed with whales! Now, Drew and I had been planning our first vacation (after 4 years together) to Chicago.. because their famous Shedd Aquarium housed 5 different Beluga whales! Those are my absolute favorite! Drew told me he had planned for us to be part of a Penguin Encounter because those are his favorite! That Saturday morning of our trip we get to the aquarium and prepare for the encounter. Little did I know, he had actually planned for a Beluga encounter ;) Being overwhelmed as I was standing in freezing water with whales no more than 4 feet away from, I was surprised when the instructor had thrown at a floating box and asked a whale to retrieve. The whale brought it right to me and the instructor said to open it.

Image 1 of Carole and Andrew

I expected it to be more fish, so I played the game. However, when I opened the floating box.. there was a ring. I turned around in complete awe and that’s when Drew asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! As if that wasn’t enough, after the encounter we were led upstairs to a balcony where strawberries and champagne awaited us! This balcony just so happened to be overlooking the Beluga Whales <3
Image 2 of Carole and Andrew

Image 3 of Carole and Andrew