Carolanne and Justin

How We Met

Love is a really hard thing to find these days. But when we met, it was different. Our connection was quick and it all felt right from the moment we met. Justin and I were on the verge of throwing in the towel to the dating scene, prior to meeting each other. Thank goodness we didn’t, because we found each other! We met online (Tinder…. – hey sometimes it really works out!) Our conversations were endless and exciting! We soon planned our first date! We met at Federici’s in Freehold and the weather was perfect. Our joke for that whole summer was that we were meant to find each other because each night, which was almost every night that we went out – the weather was always perfect! Just like the night we got engaged at The Chart House! Since then we’ve grown our lives together and made a lifelong commitment to always love one another. I can honestly say since we met each other, we have always wanted better for the other, and it’s always built our relationship up and to find someone you can build and grow with, is truly a gift. I love you with all my heart and thank you for this amazing relationship! Love, your future wife!! Woo!

How They Asked

Justin and I had gone on vacation not too long ago and recently we celebrated a 3 year anniversary. Well, when an engagement didn’t happen…it was then I had no clue IF or WHEN it was happening. Completely off guard – what I thought was an early Rosh Hashanah dinner celebration, turned out to be the big day! Luckily for him (as he tells me) I had just had my nails done and since we were meeting family for dinner at The Chart House, for an early Rosh Hashanah celebration, I also got dressed up. He said I pretty much did the work for him as far as being ready for a proposal and he didn’t even have to try! He loves that part! Anyways, we find ours walking over to a nice pier, on the side of the restaurant, as soon as we got out of the car. Justin seemed nervous as we were trying to take some selfies and I was admiring the view. Ironically, a wedding had just ended and people started coming down to where we were, for photos – and Justin looked a bit frantic! Lol.

Where to Propose in The chart house

Carolanne's Proposal in The chart house

Now I know why! Before I knew it, he said he needed to ask me something and he got down on one knee! I just remember slow motion, feelings of love, joy, and happiness, and I was shaking with excitement. Of course, I said yes! I couldn’t let go of Justin until several minutes after, because of all the joyous emotions I had. As soon as we turned around his sister was there, hiding, and taking the photos for one of our most memorable moments. When we started walking into the restaurant for a much needed celebratory cocktail – everyone cheered for us and it just made everything that much more special! It was a beautiful day just like when we met and like all the first dates we had that summer. I still can’t believe I am a fiancé! Even more, I am forever loved, having found my soulmate.

Special Thanks

Logan bykofsky
 | Photographer