Carol and Davie

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How We Met: It was a sunny beautiful Wednesday afternoon; April 13, 2011 to be exact. We met through Carol’s aunt who is also my mother’s good friend. Carol’s aunt took her to my deli to introduce her to my family. Originally she was just here visiting and had planned to go back to Taiwan at the end of June. She had planned to study in a six year program in China for Chinese Medicine in August.

While she was here, after a few car rides to and from Bible study, we connect almost instantly. However, knowing that her stay was only temporary we didn’t think too much into it. A month into her stay here, Carol was informed that the program she was accepted to in China was cancelled due to a lack of attendance. At that particular moment; that EXACT moment, I started questioning and wondering … is she God’s gift to me?! I started to pray a little bit more …

Carol told me that if she can’t do Chinese Medicine in China; she wanted to pursue her Master’s degree in Music Therapy. Out of ALL the schools/colleges in New York; there were only two schools that had a Master’s program for Music Therapy … NYU and SUNY New Paltz, right across the river. This was probably my second sign from God that she was “THE ONE”

By this time it was the end of May and it seemed impossible for her to register and apply for the Music Therapy Master’s program. God willing; after many phone calls, emails, she was granted one audition and one audition only on July 31, 2011. It was going to be a hit or miss situation. The fact that she was able to get this audition was God’s third sign to me that she’s “THE ONE”

I figured, if Carol is God’s gift to me, I’m going to take that leap of faith and ask her out. I knew if she is God’s gift to me; she WILL pass her audition and stay in the states. Soooo … on Saturday June 4, 2011, I took her to Front Street in Newburgh to have a nice romantic dinner next to the river. Afterwards we came back to Poughkeepsie and walked around the beautiful campus at Vassar for hours. We held hands and talked about how we felt. Not to my surprise, the feelings were mutual, it seem like love at first sight, it was perfect. We had love, faith and God on our side; it was fail-proof. At the end of the night, we kissed and it was official.

how they asked: After it was official the first date we went on was the Walkway over the Hudson. It was our first time on the Walkway. We went on many dates after that. As God’s plan never fails; she passed her audition in July and she was going to be officially a student at SUNY New Paltz. There was only one minor draw back; she wouldn’t be able to start until Spring Semester because the students enrolled were already filled. We were OK with it. We figured it was probably better for her to go back; back up some winter clothes and spend some time with her family before she starts the two year program here. Carol left in the middle of September. Before she left for Taiwan, we went on our last date on the Walkway again. It was on the Walkway that I gave her a promise ring. I told her that I was going to marry her. Even though three months apart was not a very long time, it seemed like an eternity for the both of us. Right after she left, I bought tickets to go back during Thanksgiving to surprise her in Taiwan. Long story short, she was surprised and we spent two magical weeks touring Taiwan together. She came back to the states right after Christmas and started school in January.

Fast forward to Saturday, August 18, 2012. I told Carol that we were going for a bike ride with a few friends. I said that summer was ending soon and we wanted to do more outdoor activities before it gets cold. Little did she know that 60 family and friends from all over (DC, NYC, Jersey) were in the middle of the bridge waiting already. Little did she know that I had been practicing with a few Youth Group kids the past two months practicing our own cover of “Bruno Mars – Marry You” with an orchestra twist. We rode together with our friends to the middle of the bridge.

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When we got to the middle she was swarmed with family and friends, bubbles and balloons. I got off my bike, took the microphone and started singing “Bruno Mars – Marry You” with my guitar and orchestra.

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After the song was over, I told her “A year ago, we went on our last date on this bridge right before you went back to Taiwan. Even though three months isn’t a long time; it was the longest, miserable and most unbearable three months of my life. I knew at that time that I couldn’t live without you and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. That same day, I gave you a promise ring. I promise to always love you, to always be there for you and to be a godly man for you and our future family. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Carol Hsu, will you marry me?”

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She said yes, pictures, bubbles, BBQ, BOOM! It was a wrap.

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Photos by Hendrick Moy Photography