Carol and Allen

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How We Met

We were set by a mutual friend, she told me about a guy she knew and I thought nothing of it. That same week I received a message from Allen (my soon to be fiance). We messaged for a few days already we hit it off, after several days we set up a day to meet. I picked a location where we can grab a coffee and walk around the town. The first date came and I was late!!! He was waiting patiently on a bench in the scorchering heat. I pulled in to the lot and there he was ever so handsome in his blue polo and favourite sunglasses. That day we talked about everything no holding back, we said exactly what we wanted out of a relationship, having kids and why we want to settle down. I was myself the whole time and I felt so free. We shook on a second date and he didnt let go of my hand, he smiled layed his hand against my cheek and I leaned in for our first Kiss!

how they asked

Fast forward 6 months and he took me to the same location as our first date, he wore the same outfit, we went to the same coffee shop and right back to our first kiss. There he handed me an album each page with an image placed in chronological order. The last page had a poem, As I read it teary eyed I turned around and saw him on one knee?❤ We build eachother up and let eachother know nothing ever will be faced alone. I know he’s the one when it’s not the fairytale wedding I’m excited for, its waking up every morning to him, making him his favourite breakfast, coming home from work after a long day and seeing him, not to mention raising our kids. I love him with all my heart and I can’t wait to add to our journey❤

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Port credit Mississauga, ON