Carmina and Erick

For me.. It was love at first sight. November of 2014 I was on my lunch break and she was working at a supplement store inside a little mall on the military base where I am stationed (Fort Bliss in Texas) I was running short on time and had to get back to work. After work I hurried back to the supplement store but she had already left.. For days I’d go back and check to see if I’d see her again and nothing. Frustrated I started looking on social media..hoping I’d find her.. Not even knowing her name I began to hash tag anything healthy I could think of.. Names of supplements and gyms here in El Paso.. Then finally I found her!!!! She had tagged herself at the gym where I often worked out.. I thought to myself she’s gotta be married with kids.. I looked through her Instagram..nothing no husband no kids just selfies and supplements. I was falling in love by the second. I’m old fashioned and ” sliding into her DMs” wasn’t really my style. But I did it anyway I had to talk to her somehow a few week of us talking and I find out she’s leaving El Paso and headed for Arizona she was gone I thought for good. May 11th 2015 comes and I’m headed for deployment last day in the states I went to go grab some food with only 2 hours before I leave and as I sit down to eat my food a shaker cut and Tupperware caught my attention..I see her there she is eating her lunch..she’s back!! So I started up a convo we chit chatted but time was up and I had to go. I asked her for her snapchat and left for 9 months we talked and I fell in love it wasn’t easy with but it was worth it. Surprisingly I got her to fall for me I knew this girl was the one for me the one I want to steal my last name along with my heart. so I designed a ring for her simple but beautiful and bought it.. I had it delivered to my friend Joey he held on to it and brought it with him the day I returned where I planned to propose January 23rd 2016 I’m flying in from Afghanistan and she’s there along with my really good friend Joey who’s holding onto the ring we get dismissed from formation and I run to her hug her kiss her hold her is all I wanted to do my friend hands me the ring I miss her one more time and then I get on my knee ” Carmina Cepeda the love of my life will you marry me??” I asked heart pumping fast as she’s says YES!!!

Image 1 of Carmina and Erick