Carmera and Barry

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How We Met

Barry and I met through a mutual friend. His best friend and my cousin introduced us. We met briefly and then again five months later. We went out and he became my best friend. We talked and went out and eventually couldn’t spend a week without seeing each other.

How They Asked

I had no idea that a family and friend Christmas brunch would be such a life-changing event.

Leading up to December 25, 2017, Barry and I started planning a family and friend Christmas breakfast, to carry on a tradition that my father’s family does during the holidays to include his family. It was especially important because his Dad was visiting from Tennessee.

I am usually a very organized planner, so I wanted everything to go smoothly and for some reason that day, Barry was extremely anxious and nervous- he couldn’t even cook pancakes correctly, which is something he does very well! I thought it was odd that his former roommate and wife came very early to our apartment, and without their son, who is very special to me and Barry (so we made them go back and get Caleb).

When both of our older sisters came early, I got a little anxious to relinquish some of my responsibilities but it was a huge help and we could focus on seating and making sure things were all in place. Our apartment began to fill with our family and friends, and it was a really good time.

After most of us had eaten, and the kids including my nephews, Caleb and two of our friends’ children were playing in our guest room, we put on Christmas music and everyone was chatting and our families were blending very well. I was down the hall checking on the kids, and Barry asked me to show him whose gifts were under the tree. As I hit the hallway corner I realized he was down on one knee. I was so surprised! As he asked me to marry him, all I could do was shed tears of joy and shake my head “yes!” It was such a magical moment. To be surrounded by our closest friends and family and share the love we have for each other at that moment, showed me how much we were meant to be together!

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