Carmen and Nathan

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How We Met

I first saw Nathan when I was a middle-schooler—he was a Senior in High School and played on the same football team as my older brother. At the Homecoming football game, Nathan was crowned Homecoming King, and from the moment I saw him, I adored him. Obviously, given the age difference (and even more importantly, the fact that he had no idea who I was at that point), the crush remained a crush, and would for the next nine years.

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Those nine years were marked by a serendipitous friendship with his cousin, a few group hangouts, more awkward Facebook posts that I care to remember, however, slowly, very slowly, we developed a friendship. Friendship led to flirting and flirting led to the start of something only God could have orchestrated.

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how they asked

Nathan decided to propose to me while we were both back in our hometown for Thanksgiving 2017. Little did I know (and by little, I mean, I HAD NO EARTHLY IDEA), he had been planning the proposal, recruiting the help of my Mom and siblings, for half a year before the event. Knowing how special the Christmas season was to me and how important certain family traditions were, he decided to propose on a Christmas Tree Farm while my family was hunting for our tree. Nothing about the day stood out or seemed unusual, I was just happy to be searching for our tree and kicking off Christmas hunting for the perfect concolor fir with my mom and four siblings.

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Only when I walked around a row of trees, saw my family smiling and taking photos, and turned to see Nathan standing in a suit with a banner reading “Will You Marry Me”, did it hit me—and even still, I was in complete shock.

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My sister had to yell at me to go to him. There, in the middle of the trees, with the most important people in my life surrounding me, he asked me to marry him, and I, of course, said yes!

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Special Thanks

June Stilley
 | Photographer
Haley Bolt
 | Planning
Marcia Bolt
 | Planning