Carmen and Dominique

Where to Propose in Winston Wildlife Safari on a Giraffe excursion in Oregon

How We Met

We met in high school but never dated then as we were in pretty different social circles, but that didn’t stop us from being a little flirty with each other through the years. We connected off and on just to catch up over Facebook or text but nothing ever came of it due to different life circumstances.

Fast forward to 2015 when we run into each other during our high school’s alumni game which he was playing in. We ran into each other after the game and exchanged a quick hello as I had to get going. I sent Dom a text that evening and it ended up in us making plans to catch up over dinner the following week. That dinner turned into movie plans for the following weekend and the rest is history.

how they asked

Giraffes are my favorite animal in the entire world. The lacrosse team I coached the previous year (shout out to my Tualatin girls) had gifted me a giraffe encounter for two down at a wildlife Safari about three hours from home. It was going to expire soon so Dom and I made plans to go. Little did I know he was planning to use this opportunity to ask me to marry him! He pulled off the ultimate surprise and had the assistance of the Safari staff from the moment we got there.

Proposal Ideas Winston Wildlife Safari on a Giraffe excursion in Oregon

We drove out to the giraffe exhibit and I was overcome with excitement (I literally got my nails done just to feed the giraffe as I knew I wanted pictures ??‍♀️). When we parked next to the giraffe area, a staff member handed us the bucket of lettuce and offered to video to capture it all. Dom handed her his phone and I thought nothing of it. I grabbed the first piece and fed it to Mate the Giraffe. Then when I looked back to grab another piece of lettuce, I noticed a ring box that was hidden under that first piece. Before I knew it Dom was down on one knee asking me the best question I have ever been asked! I was so shocked I could barely get my eyes out all while Mate was looking over us ?? It could not have been more perfect!

Special Thanks

Winston Wildlife Safari | 
They supplied the giraffe!