Carmen and Derek

How We Met: We met in high school, and we graduated together in 2011. Soon after high school we began talking again and soon he asked me to be his girlfriend on September 24th 2013. We moved in together 6 months later adopted two beautiful German Shepherds and our lives have been amazing since, we are truly happy.

Image 1 of Carmen and Derek

how they asked: It was Valentines Day the day before, and I was eager to go to a trip to our local Zoo, since we have been together (and as a little girl) it has been my favorite place to visit. The giraffe exhibit is my favorite area to visit I spend most of my Zoo time there. we decided to go the day after Valentines Day, February 15, 2015. It was him, myself, his cousin Eddie and girlfriend Emma. On the way we decided to go to the giraffe exhibit first since it is the place where I spend most of my time. On our walk to the giraffe exhibit he had me walk in first I was shocked to see my family, and my hunny’s family waiting there for us, they pulled up the poster that read “Carmen will you marry me?” I turned around and there he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, I looked in his eyes and said yes. Our families clapped with emotion and I could not help but cry those happy tears. I have found the love of my life, my best friend, but most importantly my soul mate!